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Independence Cheap Flights Update Independence Cheap Flights Update

» Scots spurn independence, vote to stay in the United Kingdom
Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum that had threatened to rip the United Kingdom apart, sow financial turmoil and diminish Britain's remaining global clout. For stories click on the ...

» Salmond to resign after Scotland rejects independence
Edinburgh (AFP) - Scotland's pro-independence leader Alex Salmond said Friday he would resign after losing a referendum that left the United Kingdom intact but opened a Pandora's box of demands for more autonomy across Britain.

» Scotland's Independence Campaign So Isn't Over.
To hear the conventional wisdom here in Great Britain, you’d think that the campaign for Scottish independence had just suffered a complete and permanent defeat. You could’ve fooled me. There is plenty in the referendum result to give Scottish nationalists grounds for hope. And the unionists, plenty to worry about. We may look back [...]

» Scots spurn independence in historic vote, devolution battle begins
By Alistair Smout and Guy Faulconbridge EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Scotland spurned independence and saved a union dating back 300 years in a historic referendum but its defeated leader said it would hold London to last minute offers of more power that could radically reshape the United Kingdom. A vote for the union is a relief for millions of Britons including Prime Minister David Cameron, whose job ...

» Catalans press independence vote despite Scottish 'No'
Barcelona (AFP) - The Spanish government on Friday welcomed Scotland's "No" vote on independence, but Catalans determined to break away from Spain pushed ahead defiantly for their own ballot on self-rule.

» Scots 'Tricked' Out of Independence, Says Nationalist Leader
Alex Salmond, the leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP), accused Prime Minister David Cameron and other London politicians on Sunday of tricking Scottish voters out of independence by making a false "vow" that would provide Scotland with new powers. 

» Catalonia lawmakers approve holding vote for independence from Spain
A day after Scotland rejected independence, lawmakers in Spain's northeast region of Catalonia moved Friday to hold their own referendum on breaking away from Spain and forming a new European country.

» Alex Salmond quits after dream of independence gets crushed
Amid nationalist heartbreak, longtime politician Alex Salmond quits ?to give someone else a chance.?

» Scotland rejects independence in historic referendum
Edinburgh (AFP) - Scots rejected independence on Friday in a referendum that left the centuries-old United Kingdom intact but headed for a major shake-up that will give more autonomy to both Scotland and England.

» In a Word, No: Scots Reject Independence
Scotland voted to stay in the U.K. in a referendum on independence, stepping back from a breakup of the 307-year-old union while wringing promises of more financial power from Prime Minister David Cameron. After a count through the night, 55.3 percent of Scottish voters supported the "no" campaign against 44.7 percent who backed independence. U.K. shares helped lead European equities to a 6 1/2 ...

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