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Bereavement Fares Bereavement Fares

Unfortunately, there are times of emergency when you have to fly to see a terminally ill relative or to attend a family funeral. At times of grief and bereavement like these the last thing you want to have to deal with is finding discount airfares for your travel. Because most of these events are unexpected it is almost impossible to plan ahead for them. In order to help individuals who qualify as bereavement travelers, many airlines and agencies offer special bereavement fares help in a time of suffering. This fare is most commonly called a bereavement fare, but some companies call it a compassionate fare or illness fare. Here are Eros Tour and Travel we offer a special bereavement fare for those traveling to attend a funeral or to see a terminally ill relative.

Most people do not ever have to inquire about a bereavement fare, which means that most people know very little about it. We are here to help you, so here are some things that you should know about bereavement fares.

Bereavement fares are typically discounted off of a full fare or unrestricted fare. Bereavement discounts are almost never offered off of a sale or other special offer fare. It may be that a special offer sale fare may be lower than the advertised bereavement fare, so be sure to compare the two. The problem with special sale prices is that they sell out very quickly and are not always available for last minute travel.

Some airlines and travel companies will only offer a refund for bereavement after the travel has been completed. In this case there is usually some required information for the bereavement refund to be given. Here are some of the things that airlines require from time to time: the name of the deceased, your relationship to that person, the name address and phone number of the funeral home or church, the date of the service, and a copy of the death certificate. Some agencies ask for only one of these while others ask for all of them. Be sure to inquire about this before you purchase your bereavement ticket.

Some airlines and travel agencies have requirements about bereavement flight changes and postponements. Most of the time these agencies will work with you as you try to plan your return travel. Plans change, funeral arrangements need to be made, and the last thing you want to worry about is getting everything done before the day that your flight leaves. Check with the agency or airline ahead of time about their postponement policy for the return flight of a bereavement fare. Most companies will allow flexibility within 30 days after the scheduled return flight.

Please contact one of our customer service agents to book flights to your bereavement fare. We offer cheap flight tickets for all kinds of travel. Our company, Eros Travel Incorporated, is a travel agency that has been in business for 28 years and is based in Los Angeles, California. We are an internet search engine that provides cheap flight tickets, and we specialize in finding deals on last minute travel. We understand that this is a very difficult time for you and your family and we are here to help you make this as easy as possible.

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