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  • Unfortunately, many rental companies don’t keep extra sets of keys at their locations.

  • Most police officers are not allowed to jimmy the locks due to liability claims 

  • Check the driver’s side door for a key code pane.  If it is equipped with one the rental company can  probably give you the code over the phone or open the door from their office. If the trunk is open check for the code numbers.  Many manufactures print the key code numbers on a sticker in the trunk.

  • Ask the rental company if they have the ability to cut another key or if they can at least recommend a locksmith.

  • Security systems are getting better each year.  Many have ignition keys that are very difficult to copy.  Some models are issued a system that requires newly cut ignition keys to be programmed into the car’s computer before they will work. The keys have chips and cracking the plastic cover on the key will make the keys useless.  Unfortunately your error may take time and money.

  • If the rental company offers to send someone, check to see if and how much you will be charged.  If it's your fault, you’ll probably be charged.  It may be less expensive to find a solution yourself.  An auto club membership or certain credit cards may offer free locksmith service.  Be careful.  You’ll be responsible for any damage done trying to get into the car.

  • Just as with your own car, get as much information as possible.

  • Get the complete name and operator's license number of the driver involved in the accident.  Get a current address and phone number.  Most importantly, get their insurance information.

  • Write down a detailed description of the other vehicle and include the license plate number.

  • Make note of the date, time and location of the accident.  Draw a diagram, if it will help. 

  • Try to obtain any contact information from witnesses.

  • State laws vary, but if the accident is serious enough to involve the police, ask for a copy of the police report.

  • Always notify the rental company as soon as possible and ask for instructions on how to proceed..

  • If you turned down the rental company’s collision or damage waiver, you’ll want to contact your insurance agent and the credit card company that your using, to let them know that a claim will be made.
  • If you continue to drive the car after the accident, remember to allow extra time on return to fill out their accident report.  The rental company’s policy may be to deny you a replacement car, depending on the circumstances of the accident.

  • Ask for another car if possible.  That leaves no chance of misunderstanding upon return.

  • Make sure that the rental agent  notes the damage clearly and completely on the contract.  You don't want to be blamed on return.

  • Ask for the agent's name and employee number, write it on the contract and keep a copy.

  • Follow their instructions, but be certain that the car is safe and legal to operate.

  • Be extra careful that you don't get into another accident or get a ticket due to a broken taillight or other damaged equipment..

  • Again, leave extra time for when you return the car.  Remember not to cut it too close to your flight since you'll still have to fill out an accident report for the rental company.

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