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Sometimes may not see them before you arrive at the ship.  Often they load them right on board, using the I.D. tags provided by the line.  if you have smaller bags and are able, consider carrying them on yourself.  You'll at least have something available for dinner if the other bags are delivered late.  Remember there is a lot of luggage to distribute on a 3,000 passenger ship !
  • Carrying  a few of your own will allow you to be unpacked and enjoying the ship while everyone else is waiting for their bags.

  • It's not unusual for It to take several hours for the bags to make it to the cabins.  Often people get stuck wearing their traveling clothes to dinner the first night. A shower and fresh clothes will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Carrying your own lessens the chance for your bags to disappear.  Many lines maintain a liability maximum of just $100.00 per bag for luggage lost.

  • Identify your cabin steward.  He will can show you how everything works and what to expect from him.  A friendly cabin steward can be very helpful.

  • Unpack your luggage as soon as you can.  Get it over with and allow more room in your cabin.

  • Confirm that your meal seating confirmation information is in the cabin.  If it's not what you requested, see the Maitre d’ as soon as possible.

  • Find out when the lifeboat drills are scheduled and be ready to participate.

  • Find out where the spa, salon or babysitting service is located and sign up before all the good times are gone. .

  • Re-confirm your shore excursion plans to verify that you are definitely going on the ones that you want.   If you haven't pr-booked, sign up now before they sell out.

  • Getting to know members of your multinational crew should be one of the best parts of any cruise.  Cruise lines hire from all over the world, sometimes from lesser known countries.  They should all speak some English, but in varying degrees.  If they seem to have problems following requests, speak slower and as clearly as possible. Try not to embarrass them or yourself, by speaking loud or using an unnatural accent that you hope they will understand.  Try other alternative words or phrases that might be more familiar to them.  English is a language with words that have different meanings even in England as compared to the U.S.  Sometime in our own country, regional terms and words differ.
  • No.  Cruise lines have developed a billing system that is very convenient.  Upon check-in, they will take an imprint of your credit card and set up a kind of  tab for the length of the cruise.  Your total bill will be presented to you at the end of the cruise.  Always keep the little receipts that you sign and verify the charges at the end.

  • A major credit card, traveler’s checks or a substantial cash deposit will usually suffice to set up your account on ships sailing from U.S. ports.

  • Often, personal checks are not accepted.  When they are,  they probably will have strict limits.  Check the line’s policy if you plan to use this option.

  • That's always a good idea.  Find out how early you can board the ship and try to arrive at the specified time.  Avoid the crowds and use the early time on board to confirm your seating choice and be the first to sign up for shore excursions.  Remember, there's always a nice lunch available that is served while the other  passengers are boarding.
  • If better cabins are available, it's possible for you to negotiate an upgrade.  If it's close to sailing time and the better categories are open, the cruise line may be  agreeable to an upgrade for a small additional charge.  Check with the Purser’s office and present your case.  Some lines will only accept cash or traveler’s checks for a last minute upgrade, so plan ahead just in case.

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