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Guru Travel Tips of Helpful Safety Hints

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • Just because you are on vacation don’t let your guard down. Be aware of those in your group or family, your bags and what is happening around you.

  • Check the airport’s web site before arriving, so you’ll know where you’re going.

  • Cooperation with airport security will make their job easier.

  • Always report any suspicious activity to airport security.

  • Leave any gaudy jewelry and expensive, designer luggage at home. All those items send signals to would-be thieves.

  • Don’t let airline tickets or other documents hang out of your pocket or purse.

  • Maintain a confident appearance. Positive body language will tell thieves that you will not be a victim.

  • Use cabs, trams and other transportation services that bear official markings. Only board transportation vehicles from designated pick-up points.

  • Be cautious of  "special deals", especially if they occur in remote or "off the beaten path" locations.

  • NEVER accept a gift or package from a stranger

  • Avoid abandoned or isolated bags. Report them to security ASAP.

  • Never leave your bags unattended and know where each one is. Even if they are sitting near your feet, it may not be enough to keep them safe. Carry-on bags are often stolen from under tables, in front of their owners. If you must set your bags down, hook a leg through the carrying strap.

  • If the bags have locks, use them. Keep keys readily available in case they need to be inspected.

  • Mark all luggage so it can easily be identified. Make your bags unique.  Tape, decals, short colorful ribbons are fine but avoid anything that might catch on a conveyor belt.  Be creative!

  • Pick up your bags as soon as you arrive. If you don't,  you may find that someone already has!

  • Stay away from narrow or poorly lit passageways.

  • Avoid crowds or people surrounding you.

  • Carry a dummy wallet in plain view, but  put your cash in a front pocket.

  • Wrap a rubber band around your credit cards and carry them in your other front pocket.  Thieves will find it frustrating and won't be able to remove bills from a pocket without your being aware.

  • Ladies, carry your purse under your arm with the strap over the same arm.

  • Carry cash under your clothes when possible (Aloha shirt, sweater, long jacket etc.) .

  • Research and remember pickpocket's favorite tricks

  • Pickpockets use different scenarios to create chances to relieve you of your cash. Be extra careful of your money when you find yourself in these situations.

  • Being bumped by someone.

  • Having someone spill something on you, or pointing out a spot on your clothing.

  • Being approached by someone asking for help or directions.

  • Having a disturbance occur suddenly that  takes your attention.

  • Suddenly finding yourself surrounded by a group of people, particularly if they are children.

  • Be aware of people around you when using public phones and ATMs.

  • Completely cover the numbers you enter. Criminals can use them to defraud you. Even if they are not  looking over your shoulder, they could be across the street using binoculars. Public phones are easy targets at airports and many calling card numbers are stolen.

  • The airport’s ATMs should be more secure than outside a closed bank, due to airport security, but if it is isolated or not in a well lighted area, you should probably find a different one.

  • Be suspicious of anyone loitering near an ATM.

  • Don’t hang around to count your cash before leaving the ATM.  It could encourage a thief to follow you or approach you before the money is put away securely.

  • Always take your bank receipt. It may have numbers that can aid the would-be thief, especially if he memorized all or part of your PIN number.

  • Most people are anxious to get through security quickly and avoid delays. A popular scam involves delaying you at the start of security, while allowing your valuables to move down the conveyer belt. The person in front of you then sets off the alarm or delays you in some other way. The delay gives a partner time to pick up your items. Always keep an eye on your bag as it passes through security. Hold off until the line is open in front of you before placing your bags onto the conveyor belt. Watch that they go through and stay there if you are delayed at the checkpoint.

  • Be careful of any person that desperately needs your help for directions. He may be trying to distract you allow someone to help themselves to your valuables. Of course you want to be helpful, but stay aware of what's happening around you.

  • If you are bumped into, check immediately to be sure that nothing is missing. The "bumper" could have cut the strings on a purse, lifted your wallet or pilfered your airline tickets.

  • Be extra careful of your bags in the restroom.  It's not even safe in the stalls.  Bags placed on the floor next to the door or on a coat hook, could be reached by a thief who can grab them and run. Obviously, you will not be in a great position to have to give chase and probably won’t even see their face.  Bags that aren’t unique or specially marked will probably blend into the crowd and be invisible before you can act.. Most airports provide a shelf in the stall and you should use it.  If possible try to pick a stall next to a wall and place the bags between you and the wall.

  • If someone approaches you with a story or deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious and skeptical until you know all the facts.

Use these ATM locators.

  • Visa’s ATM locater web page. This provides a searchable database that locates ATM’s belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron and Plus ATM network worldwide.

  • MasterCard’s ATM locator web page. This provides a searchable database that locates ATM’s belonging to the MasterCard and Cirrus ATM network worldwide.

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