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Bridgeport Overview

Bridgeport Quick Facts

Total Area
19.4 sq mi (50.2 km2)
Time Zone
Eastern (UTC-5)

A Traveler's Guide to Bridgeport

Bridgeport is a city that is located in the southwestern portion of the US state of Connecticut. It is the largest city in the state of Connecticut and is the heart of the Greater Bridgeport metropolitan area. English is the primary language of the city, with over 95% of the population speaking English as a first language.

The city was originally a small town full of fishermen and farmers. The city's location on the Newfield Harbor made it a natural spot for shipping and even whaling. Until the mid 19th century those were still the two largest industries in the city. When a railroad was built to the city in 1840 the city adopted a more industrialized economy, focusing on manufacturing and weapons production. Today Bridgeport remains an important harbor and manufacturing center in the upper northeastern United States.

Bridgeport has a humid subtropical climate, which means warm, moist summers and cold winters. Summer temperatures generally stay in the high 70's Fahrenheit, but winter temperatures can dip below freezing for several days in a row. Snowfall is common in the winter months, and most of the areas rainfall occurs in the months of May through June.

There are many venues for the performing arts in Bridgeport. They include the Downtown Cabaret Theatre which hosts children's concerts and cabaret, the Playhouse on the Green which hosts plays and other musical performances, the Klein Memorial Auditorium which is home to the Bridgeport Symphony, and the Arena at Harbor Yard which hosts sporting events and occasional large concert events.

The Gathering of the Vibes is a popular annual festival held in Bridgeport. It is a weeklong arts, music, and camping festival that attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Bridgeport also honors its diverse citizenry at the Black Rock Art Center, which houses multi-cultural displays and works of art.

Tweed New Haven Regional Airport is the closest commercial airport to Bridgeport. La Guardi, JFK, and Newark International are all within driving distance.

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