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Hayward Overview

Hayward Quick Facts

Total Area
63.0 sq mi (163.3 km2)
Time Zone

A Traveler's Guide to Hayward

Hayward is a city that is located in the northern half of the state of California. It is the sixth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area and is on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay. It is the 33rd largest city in the state of California.

The city gets its name from the fault that runs beneath it, the Hayward Fault. In 1868 the city was heavily damaged by an earthquake that ran along the fault. The fault itself got its name from William Dutton Hayward who was one of the first businessmen to settle in the area in 1852. Some believe that the name came from Alvinza Hayward who discovered gold nearby, but the origins of the name are of little importance.

Hayward's early economy was based on the growth of apricots, cherries, tomatoes, and peaches. A railroad was built between Hayward and the towns of Oakland and San Jose, which allowed farmers in Hayward to export their crops. During the Second World War the city boomed because of factories that were opened to help support the war effort. The city continued to grow after the war and attracted immigrants from all over the world.

Hayward has a Mediterranean climate, which means mild temperatures year round. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit and winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Rainfall occurs most heavily in the months of January through March.

There are several parks in Hayward. These include Don Castro Regional Recreation Area, Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park, Hayward Regional Shoreline, and East Bay Regional Park. There are also several historic landmarks in the city, such as Meek Mansion, Eden Congregational Church, and Green Shutter Hotel.

San Francisco International and San Jose Airports are all within driving distance of Hayward and offer service with all major domestic and international carriers.

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