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Kansas City Overview

Kansas City Quick Facts

City Airport
Kansas City International Airport( MCI )
Famous For
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Worlds Of Fun
Total Area
823.7 kmĀ² (318.0 sq mi)
Time Zone

A Traveler's Guide to Kansas City

Kansas City is located in the northeastern portion of the state of Kansas. It is often designated as KCK to distinguish it from Kansas City, Missouri, although technically it is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. It is currently the third largest city in Kansas.

The city was founded in 1868 and incorporated just four years later in 1872. It is divided from its counterpart city in Missouri by the Missouri and Kansas Rivers.

The city has a distinct history from the time of the US Civil War. It was the first battlefield in the conflict over slavery and southern secession from the Union that was really the beginning of the US Civil War.

Kansas City has a humid subtropical climate, which means warm summers and cool winters. Summer temperatures generally stay in the 80's Fahrenheit and winter temperatures can dip below freezing fairly often in the winter months. Rainfall occurs the most in the months of May through August.

Kansas City is located in what is known as "Tornado Alley", which is where the cooler air from the Rocky Mountains combines with the warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico to create powerful storms and tornadoes. In 2003 the city was hit with a particularly powerful tornado and several buildings were severely damaged.

Kansas City has a variety of architecture points of interest, various historically notable landscapes and many famous and interesting buildings. Kansas City, Kansas is home to the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, which covers 12,500 square miles of the Roman Catholic community in eastern Kansas.

Some cultural sites of interest include Memorial Hall an indoor auditorium which his used for concerts, Kansas Speedway which is an auto racing track, and the John G. Braecklein home which is a Victorian style home from the 19th century.

The closest major airport to Kansas City, Kansas is Kansas City International Airport.

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