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A Traveler's Guide to Norfolk

Norfolk is the second largest city in the state of Virginia, behind neighboring city Virginia Beach. It is located near the Hampton Roads harbor and is a major transportation and military hub. It's location on the water has made it a shipping city as well as a naval town. Norfolk Naval base is the largest naval base in the world, in fact NATO has it's headquarters there. Several fires in the early 19th century destroyed much of the city, but the city was rebuilt.  Then during the US Civil War it became the location of the first battle between ironclad battleships.The city was eventually overrun by Union forces and much of the slave population of the city fled north. By 1917 the United States began to pour large amounts of money into further developing Norfolk as a naval base. Since then the city has been the Atlantic hub for the US Navy as well as a key shipping harbor.

Norfolk has a humid subtropical climate with very little change in temperature from season to season. This is due in part to the fact that it is located on the water. Summer temperatures generally stay in the 70's Fahrenheit while winter temperatures generally stay in the 50's and 60's Fahrenheit. The city experiences its heaviest rainfall during the months of July and August.Norfolk is home to some of the finest military and art museums anywhere in the country. The most recognized art museum in the city is the Chrysler Museum of Art. It was recently recognized by the New York Times as one of the nation's premiere art museums. 

The Nauticus, the National Maritime Center, is an interactive museum and educational center focused on the city's nautical history. The USS Wisconsin, one of the oldest battleships in the US, is stationed at the Nauticus.The General Douglas MacArthur Memorial is also located in Norfolk and includes a tribute to his life and career as well as displays of his personal belongings. Newport News International Airport is the closest airport to Norfolk.

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