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We strongly believe that it may not be the best time to fly. But in addition to giving updates and advice regarding COVID-19, we still want to encourage you so that when the world does open its doors again, you will be able to explore it.

The most reasonable way to score a last-minute cheap flight used to be to show up at the airport and ask for a standby flight ticket. Wistfully, those days are gone now. So many people are traveling these days, most flight tickets sell out. You can still hide onto a standby list, but only if:

  • Somehow you have missed the flight you booked
  • You have got a ticket for a later flight, but accidentally arrived early
  • You have got friends working at the airline companies — but you will presumably still have to wait So, yeah, just setting up at the airport counter ticket window is not an ideal source to get cheaper tickets anymore.

The good news is, we have discovered a few tools on our website that can help. For most tours, the flight ticket price is the most expensive part of the trip. While fares for nonstop flights have gone down in current years, they can still put a sizeable cut in any travel funds. Whether you are a budget solo adventurer or a family looking to holiday abroad, finding an extremely cheap flight deal can be what makes or breaks your trip.

Here’s how to find an extremely cheap flight no matter where you want to go in the world:

Ignore all the Myths

The first thing to know about finding an extremely cheap flight ticket is that there is no magic shot or one hidden ninja trick to doing so. There are tons of myths online about how to find extremely cheap flights. You have come across a ton of them on your research to find the best flight deal!

They are all almost lies; they will probably lead you astray.
Most of the websites hire terrible writers who recycle common and outdated myths. Here are the most common that is 100% not true:

  • It is NOT more economical to buy airfare on a Tuesday (or any other special day for that matter)
  • There is NO proof that searching in incognito window leads to cheaper flight deals (though it won’t hurt to try)
  • There is NO specific date or a period in which to book your cheap airfare
  • You cannot predict airline rates and websites that do are taking a trained (but probably wrong) guess

Airlines used advanced computer and pricing algorithms to manage prices and run best deals based on the time of the year, passenger need, weather, major events/festivals, and time of day, opponent prices, fuel prices, and much more. Those so-called “magical tricks” don’t work anymore. The system is too smart now. Throw them out. Let them die.

Searching for a cheap flight ticket can be a bit overwhelming. There are some factors: dates, times, price, fare class, airline, and more. Even when you know precisely when and where you want to travel, where should you look for the perfect cheap price? Regrettably, no website consistently has the most economical prices. Most of the successful OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are regularly in the same ballpark for the fare, but not all offer the same benefits or search functionality.

Fly Budget Carriers

Many years ago, if you required to fly within continents, you have frequently stuck with way more expensive airlines. That’s no running true. Estimates airlines now maintain many long-haul routes, making it reasonable to travel around the globe for very little money.

Norwegian Airlines allows you to travel between Europe and Bangkok for as small as $250 each way.

AirAsia allows extremely cheap deals around Asia and Australia for under USD 100 each way.

Indian and Middle Eastern airlines offer cheap flight tickets throughout the subcontinent and Africa.

How to search for extremely cheap flights to anywhere with CheapFareGuru:

  • Enter the departure city you want to fly from and then set the airport nearby that keyword has the possible variety of available routes, both international and domestic.
  • In the destination city box, labeled “To” type in “everywhere”;
  • Enter your search standards: dates, number of tourists – the more adaptable you can be in terms of the time of travel, the more possible you are to find the most affordable round trip flights anyplace. You do not need to enter a specific date if you do not know them or wish to find the best time to travel.

Passengers have called our search everywhere option as one of their popular features. In just a few clicks you will be able to find low-cost flight tickets to anywhere in the world from your preferred airport.

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