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Travel is form of relaxation; it heals the mind and the body both. Though we would all be travelling always if it weren’t for the budget constraints. And we at CheapFareGuru fairly understand that and hence, bring to you some facts on best time to buy airline tickets and cheap flights so that you can travel without having to break your bank.

Research, advance planning, and alertness really help to grab those cheap flight deals. If you want to save huge bucks while buying airline tickets, be smart. As per CheapFareGuru’s research, the airplane tickets, if bought in the right time can be obtained for really cheap airfare prices. Monitoring of flight deals during this time is best to get lowest airfares.

For all domestic flights within the U.S, CheapFareGuru advises you to star scouting for air ticket prices at least 70-80 days in advance from your travel dates. For international air tickets, one should start monitoring airfare prices 60 days in advance of your travel dates. This is the ‘Prime Window’ when a traveler can get best flight deals and lowest airfares. You should act promptly when an attractive airfare price strikes and book your flight tickets.

Airlines have a tendency to offer cheap airfare prices to price conscious travelers who happen to monitor airfare prices and book flight tickets in advance of their travel dates. Prices of flight tickets booked earlier will always be lower than the airfare prices of air tickets booked closer to the travel dates. Also, even in the prime window slot, CheapFareGuru advises you to avoid booking flight tickets on weekends, instead grab attractive flight deals on weekdays. Avoid peak season flight ticket booking time, as well as holiday season airfare price hike. Instead choose to book or travel on the day of the holiday to grab cheap flight deals. Black Friday flight deals are the cheapest airfare prices you can get during that period.

Also, the ideal time to fly for the vacation is on Tuesday, Wednesday when the airfare prices are lower as compared to Sundays, Saturdays, and Fridays. You can also check for red eye flightsairplane tickets during odd timings such as early morning or late nights to get cheap flight deals.

Further, always remember to book your air flights in incognito mode and search for airfare prices on a competitive flight finder such as CheapFareGuru to get the best flight deals. Choose a layover flight if there is no rush and opt for budget airlines in case you can travel light.

CheapFareGuru also advises you to sign up for price alerts on email, subscribe to airlines newsletters, and also follow the airlines social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Timely and vigilant flight ticket booking will always get your great flight deals and amazing airfare prices to help you travel more and stay within the budget.

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