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Business-class in a flight opens doors to luxury. If you have been flying the economy all your life, you already know that flying business class isn’t cheap. In fact, it can cost approximately four times of an economy ticket. But with a host of advantages, maybe the price is worth it. From enjoying access to the business lounge in the airport to soft and silky linen, you enjoy opulence like never before.

The business class differs from airline to airline and route to route. For instance, if it is a short domestic travel, then even as a business class passenger, you might end up in a normal economy seat. However, the legroom will be more and you might even see the middle seat empty to make it more comfortable for you.

Now on the other hand, when it comes to international or long routes, you experience something very different. From big seats to good food, comfort becomes your best friend here.

But, when is the right time to travel business class? Especially when you don’t have the budget to splurge? Now, if you are on a long flight, such as eight hours or more, then flying business class is usually the best option. You are now probably wondering if there is an option to buy cheap business class tickets. Correct? Well actually, there is. Keep reading to know more.

Being flexible is the key 

If you are flexible with the dates, you can score the deals of the month. In fact, you can keep browsing the comparison sites to lock in the best option. Also, if you are flexible with your destination, even that can help you get cheap business class tickets.

Low-cost carriers 

The best way to book cheap business class tickets is to look for flights with a cheaper business class. Yes, flights like that do exist. For instance, Jetstar Business offers premium leather seats, leg-rests, amenity kits, and even complimentary iPads for entertainment. Maybe, the low-cost carriers don’t offer the business class you dreamed of, but they are so much better than the economy class.

Online auctions 

Did you know? Some airlines offer cheap business class tickets in an online auction. The economy class passengers are allowed to make a blind bid and if you win, voila! A cheap business class ticket. Of course, there is no guarantee, but it is worth a try.

Frequent flyer loyalty 

What if there was a way to score free tickets? Amazing, isn’t it? And, this is no joke. You see, the frequent flyers get points with every flight they take. So that means, these points can be used to upgrade your tickets.

Today, airline loyalty programs are not as rigid as they were before. For instance, Virgin Australia’s Velocity program even allows family pooling. And this is definitely the easiest way to get a free business class upgrade.

Finally, being polite never hurts. If you notice that the flight isn’t too full, you can nicely ask a cabin crew member for a free upgrade. And if luck is by your side, you might get it.

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