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Popular for its vibrant art scene, historic architecture, and picturesque landscape – there is one other thing that makes Asheville such an attraction across the world. It is the sheer variety, prestige, and volume of craft breweries that Asheville has, which attract beer lovers from all around the world to this trendy mountain town. Asheville has been a microbrewery hub for decades now owing to its clear spring water, incredible brewers, quality ingredients, and environmentally-conscious drinkers. This beautiful city is literally soaked in beer and hence, it becomes imperative to know the best breweries in Asheville that every beer lover must visit. 

Highland Brewing Company, Oakley

Opened in 1994, Highland is Oakley’s oldest and one of the finest craft breweries with a variety of classics that will make you feel like heaven. The brewery is huge, donned with shipping-containers, and also has a beautiful outdoor venue known as ‘The Meadows’ that hosts weekend bar amidst music performances. Be sure to taste Gaelic Ale – Ashville’s first beer and discover the land of beers in all authenticity. You can also taste Highland Pilsner; it’s also a great one!

Green Man Brewery, South Slope

Green Man Brewery is another of the oldest and also the most visited craft breweries in Ashville. Named after the sylvan woodland man, Green Man Brewery has been serving freshly brewed and eco-friendly beer since 1997. The brewery has a production facility called the Greenmansion and a funky tasting room named Dirty Jack. When here, you must try the Green Man ESB and Green Man IPA.

Asheville Brewing Company, Downtown / North Asheville / South Slope

Making its mark across several locations, the Asheville Brewing Company has been serving tasty pizzas and craft beer since 1998. Initially set in North Asheville, as a theater concept brewpub, Asheville Brewing Company has been leading the space proudly. Its other three locations include a production brewery, a taproom, and a pizza outpost. While all the variety of beer is excellent here, you should definitely not miss Ninja Porter and Shiva IPA.

Catawba Brewing Company, South Slope/Baltimore Village

The Catawba brewing company stays true to its word – Craft Beer of the Carolinas – with some fantastic variety of craft beer, including Hopness Monster IPA and White Zombie ale. The company has expanded to two locations in the West of Asheville and also has another production or taproom coming up in Charlotte. Both the current breweries are set amidst a cozy neighborhood in the Baltimore Village with high ceilings and vast areas.

Wicked Weed Brewery, South Slope

Owned by Big Beer, the wicked weed brewery located in the south slope district of Asheville is the first sour and funky beer taproom on the East Coast. This hip brewery specializes in hoppy, open-fermented beers, and aged sours. The Wicked Weed in Asheville, one of the best-known breweries and Funkatorium, is the widely popular taproom dedicated to barrel-aged sours. The place is jam-packed with tourists on weekends, so plan your visit accordingly. Also, do try Red Angel Wild Ale and the Barrel-Aged Sour called Angel of Darkness.

That is not all, the list is pretty long but these surely make to the top of the list. So, while booking flight tickets to Asheville – plan in a way to cover most breweries in the city. Trust us, and you’ll remember the great tasting beers from Ashville forever!

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