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Jingle all the way with the cheapest airfare

 It’s soon going to be that time of the year. Yes, we are talking about the holiday season and that means plenty of fun and games with family and friends. But there is one thing that can dampen the holiday spirit – the airfares. Yes, we all know how expensive the holiday season can be to travel. Christmas and New Year is the most expensive time of the year to buy air tickets and hotel deals. Wish there was a Santa that could gift us cheap airfares and travel deals. Well, while that is not possible, here are a few hacks to get the best airfares this season:

 Book it at least six weeks in advance 

According to experts, six weeks is just about the right time to book your holiday season tickets to avail of the best travel offers and cheapest airfares. If you are waiting for the last-minute deals, you’d rather end up spending Christmas alone as the fares and seat availability, both will be beyond your reach. Some travel websites and experts feel that October is the best period to buy tickets for the Christmas season. You can at least save between 5 to 15% by booking in advance.

Return flights are right? Not always the case

The standard industry rule is that return airfares are always cheaper but there might be exceptions. Like sometimes you might find two one-way ticket fares, which are considerably cheaper than the return airfare. So, look again into those fares when booking a flight. 

Here is a surprise

This year Christmas is on a weekday so there is a good chance that you will get a good fare on Christmas or Christmas Eve Day. Yes, plenty of people end up buying tickets on the weekend before Christmas, which can turn out to be expensive. So, if you are willing to be flexible and spend time on Christmas at the airport, this might be a great hack. Though, it can be a risky proposition at the last minute. Therefore, be prepared to book your tickets in advance. 

 Be flexible 

 It’s the holiday season, which means you need to unwind, chill and be flexible. Be open to traveling via indirect flights or other regional airports instead of international as these tend to be cheaper. For example, Newark Liberty Airport is cheaper than landing at JFK airport. Both are in the same metropolitan area but one is an international airport while the other is a regional airport. 

 The best hack is here

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