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We all know that flights are time effective but are they cost effective also? Yes, they are provided you know these tips on how to find cheap flights.

Do not be rigid with your itinerary: The first tip that you need to keep in mind when looking for cheap flight tickets is that it matches with your travel plans. You might want to travel on a specific date and time but when you check the ticket prices online, you realize that it is way outside your budget. What do you do then? Do you shelf your travel plans? Not at all, what you do is look for flight tickets on another day and time when it is cheaper and then avail same. This is only possible when you are not rigid and comparatively flexible with your flight timings.

Look for cheap time slots: Each day has a busy time slot and a relatively free time slot. Understand them and avail the cheapest tickets. Any day, you will see that the morning flights and the evening flights after office hours are the one’s always in demand and hence the flight tickets price are pushed up. Try and book your ticket at the slack timings like during the late-night flights or the afternoon flights when the demand is not so much.

Look for Cheaper airports: Yes, you may not realize but each city or country that has 2 airports, has so for a reason. One of them will be the one that has the cheaper airlines operating from. So, do a bit of research and zero onto these alternate airports which offer cheaper airlines to operate from. Naturally, the cost of tickets in this case will be far more affordable.

Look for Stop over: When you are booking multi city flights, look for the one’s that offer stop over flights. The logic behind it being that the more the number of stopovers the more time taken to reach the destination. Hence, the air fare in this case is far less than the direct flights. So, try and ask them if there is an option of stop over to get some discounts.

Opt for Roundtrip: Remember that the aircraft owners are in a business. Just as we need airlines to travel in, they also need us to run the show. Hence, the airlines are known to woo the passengers with various schemes and offers from time to time. The moment they see that you are giving them business they are ready to offer discounts. So, tell them that you are looking for round trip tickets as opposed to one-way tickets. The site or company will immediately offer you a cheaper deal to win you over.

Buy your Baggage allowance: Most air carriers are known to have a baggage allowance included in their flight tickets that increases the ticket price. However, there are some airlines that offer you to buy them separately. Look for these, as in such cases you only get to pay what you are carrying and not what they want you to carry.

Hope the above points come handy in finding cheap flights.

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