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Airfare prices today are extremely fragile and also getting very expensive day by day. In fact the airfare prices fluctuate several times in a day. Sometimes even while you are at your computer searching for air flight tickets and have found a cheap flight deal but as soon as you leave your system for a couple of minute, the prices change and you are to find new airfare prices which are way higher than you originally saw. While there are countless reasons for the hike in air flight prices, there are 5 tips to save money on flights that CheapFareGuru thinks will be very useful.

Know the best time to fly

To cut down on flight ticket costs, you must understand that flexibility rules the area. The time of the year, the day of the week, and time of the day – everything impacts the airfare prices of your plane tickets. Flying at the right time can save you hundreds of dollars. So be wise and know what the best time for you to fly is. Some countries have peak seasons characterized by high airfare prices, high hotel room prices, etc. while on the other hands there are seasons which receive low tourist footfalls and have lowest airfares and hotel prices. The latter seasons are the best to travel. More so, the time of the week should be chosen carefully – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays are cheapest to book flight tickets on. Further, to reduce airfare prices even more choose red eye flights – odd timed air flights – because these have discount flight tickets due to inconvenient timings.

Know when to buy the flight tickets

With airfare prices splurging all the time, grabbing best flight deals is really difficult; though to ease this problem, CheapFareGuru suggests that you book flight tickets at the right time to get cheap flight tickets. For international tickets, start monitoring airfare prices at least 70-80 days in advance of your scheduled departure. For domestic tickets, watch airfare prices at least 60 days in advance from the date of travel. This window has the lowest airfare and you must grab one as soon as you spot one. The nearer you are to your travel dates; higher go the prices of plane tickets.

Deeply research the fees

Once you spot an airfare price deal, you must not be convinced that the price that shows up is the final airfare price you will pay. Go through the whole process but do not proceed with payment until final airfare prices appear. Check the breakdown of the flight ticket cost and see if there are any unnecessary fees or taxes charged. Also verify for what all services are included in the airfare price.

Sign up for airfare price alerts

Airfare price alerts are very critical to save money while booking flight tickets. Airfare price alerts send you email notifications when there is a change in flight ticket prices. Keep a close check on the airfare prices of the selected routes and stay updated on emails; as soon as you spot a drop in plane ticket prices, book right away as these might last only for minutes.

Search everywhere

It is very important to search thoroughly before finalizing your flight tickets. Search competitive flight finders such as CheapFareGuru that offer amazing flight deals on various destinations. Also, ensure your browser in incognito mode while searching. It is beneficial to also evaluate airfare prices on airlines official website to know about deals or difference in airfare prices. Also, do not forget to follow airline social media accounts, sometimes the airfare price deals are offered on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

That said, these tips to save money have been researched over the years and have guaranteed results. So be wise and follow CheapFareGuru’s tricks to get the best flight deals.

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