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Who doesn’t like to travel cheap on air? But are there really cheap flights options? Be aware of catch in it – there is a certain thing called unpublished fares which are apparently secret to thousands of flyers looking for the cheapest of flights to their destinations.

Interesting part is then who has knowledge about the unknown secrets of cheap airfare? Only the airlines and travel agents have a clue of it. Instead of scouring for cheap priced ticket availability connect with the airlines staff or the travel agents to get updated information about the choices in airlines and price chart. Book a flight with either of them.

Published Versus Unpublished Fares

Published airfares are advertised on the websites of the airlines and on the portals of numerous flight booking sites. Unpublished fares is nowhere officially uploaded. You can get information of cheap options in airline fares right from the horse’s mouth, the airline head office or from the travel agents.

Are Travel Agencies Reliable Sources of Cheap Flight Deals?

When online portals reflecting airlines price chart were created there was an apparent fear that travel agents might end up losing bread and butter. But they have nothing to lose even in the wake of Internet which revolutionized the way people looked at information. Rather, they are the most reliable sources to know every detailed bit about unpublished, secret cheap airfares.

Basically the airlines outsource some work on travel agents with the intention to increase sales and profit. There’s a mutual pact between the airlines and travel agents – the latter never reveals out the secret of low-priced air tickets unless an interested customer calls up to check for the same.

Travel agents get hold of the cheap flight information by accessing Global Reservation Software System which is a universal platform for airfares booking, hotel reservation, and car rentals. The agents can quickly gather relevant information on the best routes of airlines and their discounted prices.

What’s the catch?

Unpublished airfares simply mean discounted domestic and international air ticket. They are addressed with several other names like negotiated fares, business class consolidators’ fares, private fares or wholesale fares. You can avail such tickets at 25% to 70% discounted rates depending on the airlines, the destination and the number of tickets booked.

Even published fares can be negotiated because airlines offers cheap deals and discounts. Moreover, if you book air tickets much before the scheduled departure date you can get them at massively reduced points.

You can also opt for split air tickets which means to book two separate tickets up to your destination; but before that you drop down at a connecting air terminal and take the next flight.

On top of that, you can avail flyer rewards programs benefits – if you are frequent flyer, few airlines offers the scheme of flyer miles points – you can use these points for future air ticket booking. It may even happen you can get one or two tickets absolutely free; an ideal option when you are planning for a family vacation. The catch is that such discounted published airfare tickets are usually non-refundable.

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