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Imagine a perfect white snowy backdrop and the bride completing the picture with her flawless white gown all excited to say the wedding vows with the man of her dreams looking spectacular in black against the gorgeous view of the white snow. Well, it sure is a glorious scene, one that looks as if from the movies. If this is what you want your dream wedding to look like, CheapFareGuru has got 7 destinations where you can have a snowy white wedding.


Here, you will find all the snow you need to make it a snowy white wedding. Alaska looks gorgeous covered in cool colors of a winter day with crisp white snow and chilly bluish-silver skies adding just perfect charm to the whole picture when you say, ‘I do’. Have a rustic wedding on the top of a mountain, get married on a glacier or on a cruise ship in Anchorage with the snow-covered mountains in the backdrop; Alaska is your first choice for the snowy white wedding of your dreams.


Plan your beautiful wedding in Colorado with the snow spreading romantic intimacy. With its mesmerizing view of the snow-clad landscape, your wedding will have a splendid picturesque setting. Celebrate your special day with elegance and charm amidst the Rocky Mountains as backdrop or opt for a country-style ranch experience. Colorado has it all for you.

New Hampshire

A wedding in Hampshire is everything magical. Arrive at your wedding in a horse-drawn sleigh riding through pristine snowcapped fields, say your vows in the light and warmth of the stone fireplace or eat amazing food by the candlelight or sparkling chandeliers – this place has something for everyone. The perfect place to have your cozy wedding would be 6,000 feet above the ground at Mount Washington, one of the tallest and most prominent mountains in east of the Mississippi River.


Fancied a romantic wedding in the snowy Austrian Mountains? Well, we’re sure it will be a breathtaking view of a world coated in snow, sparkling under the freezing skies, and a cozy wooden cabin. You could both arrive on sleigh with huskies and enjoy a warm winter wedding ceremony with your friends and family in presence and the view of snow-clad mountain pastures and snowy forests.


Canada is warm and big-hearted with so many destinations that will make for a gorgeous wedding setting such as Banff National Park, Quebec City, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia. Choose a place that best fits your dream and star planning your Canadian snow wedding.



Crisp, snowcapped mountains; birch forests; freshwater lakes; beautiful reindeers; and pristine shoreline make Finland an ideal destination for the nature seekers. Opt for Lapland or Lainio; you will not be disappointed with Finland.


Snow weddings in Italy have recently become sort of trend. With majestic views of the Dolomite Mountains in the Italian Alps, this place will leave you spellbound. Host you wedding nuptials here amidst snowflakes, sky touching pine trees cones, beautified by silver décor, great Italian food, and twinkling lights.

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