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Imagine yourself flying amidst the clouds, lost in your thoughts but missing the cocktail to add the zing to your perfect mood. While most airlines such as Qatar Air, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines offer complimentary drinks, some offer the drinks to only business class. Nevertheless, you can still add more flavor to it by making it go your way to be the perfect cocktail you like. Here, CheapFareGuru brings you the best cocktails you can make on a plane.

Bloody Mary

Booked a cheap flight ticket and still got some complimentary beverages, well nothing better to mix that Vodka with some ice cubes and tomato juice, all of which is easily available on the aircraft. Squeeze in a packet of pepper from any of the airport restaurants or ask the air hostess for one and add more punch to your favorite Bloody Mary.

Gin and Tonic

Perfect to splurge on anytime in summer, it would taste heavenly when you are flying thousand feet above the ground. If there is some Gin offered to you during your flight, request the hostess for some ice and complimentary tonic water. Mix that up and top it with lime slices and you are all ready to roll.

Irish coffee

Make this old classic by blending a cup of coffee and Irish whiskey available on the flight, topping it up with a lot of creamers to give it the smooth texture of the traditional drink. Light and nice, this drink will make the whole experience even better.


When you make your flight booking, just check if the airline offers tequila in their beverage options. If yes, please request the staff for some tequila, orange juice, ice cubes, and Sprite. You can mix all three to make a modified version of your favorite Margarita.


The easiest and the perfect cocktail to sip on when flying high in the air; Mimosa can be made by just blending your champagne with cold orange juice. Happy brunching with Mimosa!

Moscow Mule

Check with the airline staff for some ginger beer or ginger ale (if beer isn’t available), add that to your vodka, finished with some lime juice which you can squeeze from the lemon slices you request the flight attendants to provide.


Not enriched with as many flavors as the original Sangria, but still a very good alternative to it. Mix your red wine with orange, cranberry juices, and lots of ice and enjoy the tranquility.


It is one of the quickest and the easiest cocktail to make while you are on the go. Simply add orange juice and ice to a lot of Vodka, then sit back and relax.


Are you more of a beer person? Well, we’ve got that sorted too. Pour your beer in a glass (request your flight attendant), add ginger ale, lemonade, lime juice or pineapple juice to it and bring on the flavor with a bang.

While there are multiple more such quick and easy cocktails you could make while on the flight, we suggest you try these and experience the fun in flying.

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