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Travel agents are there for a reason as booking an airplane flight at the cheapest cost require way more than you think. Especially with so many websites to choose from it can be really tricky. Rounded up below is a list of ten suggestion to save money when booking flight ticket online.

Fly local/Budget Airline

Love those free meals and extra leg room? Of course! But all these luxuries come at a cost.Why not skip these extra amenities in exchange for some cheaper airplane flight prices.

Make use of Student ID

If you are a student and under the age of 26, this one is for you. Various websites/ airlines offer cheap flights with special airfare deals and discounts for students, saving them from paying up those thousands of dollars extra.

Book early but not too early

The initial airplane flight prices that the airline floats online are generally kind of a test price, used to gauge the interest. The prices mostly drop post that. Therefore booking airplane flights early is recommended, but too early isn’t a viable option.

Sign up for Airline Newsletters

Airlines send out these newsletters informing customers about special deals, holiday offers, and other airline discounts to their subscribers. So read your emails frequently to discover some of the best and cheapest flights.

Use Layovers to Your Advantage

Using the same company for connecting airplane flights, you might be able to get a much lower price if you accept a layover rather than the direct flights.

Book from the airline

Online travel websites generally charge you additional fees. So before you make your online flight bookings, checking price at the airline’s website is always better, as chances are you might land up with lower rates.

Scan the price trend

Check out the historical price trend of the airplane flights offered by various websites.These are typically estimates of prices for fares on given dates based on historical data.

Checked Bags or Carry on

Travelling with just a carry-on can save you quite a bit. But if you have check-in bags, we suggest paying for the extra luggage online as paying up at the airport will be too expensive.

Keep an eye on travel deals

If you do not have a fixed travel destination, try finding travel deals that are offered by the airlines in collaboration with different countries in order to lure tourism.

Use the frequent flier miles

Collect miles every time you fly and use them up for seat upgrades, extra baggage, and even free airplane flights!

So for all those who thought airline travel cannot get any cheaper, keep these small tricks up your sleeves when booking up your next airplane flight.

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