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Do the words such as cheap flight ticket, discount flight, lowest airfare, cheap tickets, cheap air flights anything that resonates to lower flight prices – give a thrill and urge your fingers to scroll and hurriedly grab those cheap flight deals and make the most of it by booking flight tickets right away? Well, it sure does and all of us are guilty of it. Because let’s admit it, nothing better than saving those bucks, while still getting to make the most of your trip. So, here CheapFareGuru brings you 3 tips and secrets to buy cheap flight that will make your day.

The more you are flexible, higher you will save!

One tip that always works is flexibility in anything and everything possible while booking flight tickets. Being flexible would imply that if you choose to alter your plan including your travel dates, days of flying, airport you are flying from, or if possible, even the destination – then you have very high chances of grabbing the lowest airfare possible. CheapFareGuru advises you to book your flight tickets on a Tuesday or Wednesday which are generally quieter than the weekends and Monday or Fridays. Avoid getting air plane tickets for the dates when everyone is travelling too – as in choose not to fly during peak holiday season or travel season time; instead book flight tickets for the particular day of the holiday – for example, fly on the Mother’s day, Christmas, etc. in spite of going few days in advance. If you wanted better airfare deals, opt for less popular airports that are not preferred by general people regularly. These could be located a few miles from the city so plan your air flight timings accordingly. Further, if you are not fixed on the travel destination, let that be sorted based on the best airfare deal – the best flight deal for a destination gets selected. The rule of the thumb is – higher the flexibility stretch, better the airfare prices.

Choose odd timed air flights and layover flights, if not in rush

One simple secret to master the art of getting cheap flight tickets is to choose red eye air flightsair flight that have odd timings such as early morning, late nights – that are not preferred by a majority of people and hence, tend to be way cheaper than the ones on popular times. Also, if you have ample time at your hand, CheapFareGuru suggests you book a layover flight instead of a non-stop flight since, the latter is always expensive than the former. A layover flight is not just a cheap airfare deal but also lets you relax and stretch in a long air flight, as well as adds a destination to your itinerary.

Sign up for airline newsletter, airfare price alerts and follow social media accounts

Another really effective tip for ensuring you book cheap flight tickets is to be vigilant and always stay alert. Follow all social media accounts of the airlines, sometimes the airlines tend to offer airfare deals on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. More so, sign up for the airlines newsletter and stay updating for any flight deals. Most importantly, subscribe for air fare price alerts so that you are notified for any drop in airfare prices. This will help you stay updated and keep you on your toes until you grab the lowest airfare.

Follow CheapFareGuru’s secrets and grab the best fight deals ever.

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