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Fancy a travel to Venice for a romantic ride in the Gondola? Why not get on the next flight tickets to Venice, a floating masterpiece to admire the charm of the city by sailing through the water. Live an experience like no other, floating down the Grand Canal while gazing at the stunning architecture created years back in this lagoon.

The Venetian Gondola ride definitely tops the list of the most dreamed out experiences. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city as you glide along the quieter canals. Take a ride back in time discovering the hidden places accessible only by Gondolas, listening to the old Venetian stories. Also, not all Gondolas have the same route. So, if there is any particular place you want to visit, the best place to take the gondola is somewhere near it.

Back in the time, these Gondolas were a major mode of transportation in the city. Nowadays, if you see Venetians using a gondola, it’s likely for one of two reasons: a wedding or a funeral. Once all colorful and decorated, since 1562 all the gondolas in Venice have been painted black after a sumptuary law that was passed regulating their appearance. With a maximum seating capacity of six people, one can choose to hire either a private gondola for solo or a couple ride or find other travelers to share the ride and the cost. Any standard gondola rides will cost you a non-negotiable fee of 80 Euros for a 25-30-minute day time ride. The rates tend to hike up at sunset or post dark. But we would suggest you to avoid any bookings through a hotel or an agency as that might end up costing you extra bucks. If you are finding the price still steep, consider taking a traghetto crossing the Grand Canal only for 3 Euros. Although crowded, these provide you with the same views at an extremely cheaper rate.

Gondolas are owned and maintained by the Gondoliers – the Venetian boatman who will mostly be spotted donning black pants, striped t-shirt, and closed shoes. While some are good narrators and can even sing, they speak little English or French.

Gondolas allow you to discover Venice from a completely different perspective. Although undeniably little heavier on the pocket, these iconic rides are absolutely worth it! So, make your online flight booking right away to Venice for this lifetime experience.

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