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Flying to a domestic or an international destination needs to have many things organized beforehand to avoid mistakes of any kind. And whether you are a frequent flyer or not, there are certain errors which you should avoid at all costs before making any bookings. So, here are the top 3 things that you must avoid before booking a flight.

Avoid OTAs with no free 24-hour cancellation service

You cracked a good deal and are almost ready to travel, but what if an emergency comes up that requires your immediate attention? The first thing you would be trying is to get your flight canceled. Airlines have the facility of providing a free 24-hour cancellation service to its passengers. But just in case, if you have got your ticket booked through an Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), chances are that you may be left deprived of this option as OTAs can have strict restrictive policies on cancellation or refunds. So, it is better to know each and everything in advance and avoid to book a ticket through an OTA who has a limited cancellation policy. On the pretext of cheaper airfare, they might have many hidden clauses that you might forget to go through as you are already excited about the discounted ticket price.

Ground Transit

Assumptions are good but not every time. Especially, when you assume that you’ll be getting ride-sharing options at the airport. This is one trick that most of us tend to forget to consider before booking a flight. Just imagine, how sad it is to know that after saving few bucks on your discounted flight, you are now left with no option but to pay for the transit amount from your airport to the hotel. Hence, check the airport website for ground transit options to avoid paying unnecessarily on transit from the airport to the hotel.

Avoid Forgetting

Forgot to check your passport expiration date? Many countries require your passport to be valid at least six months after your entry date. So, avoid forgetting to check this very important consideration and make sure to check your passport expiration date before booking an international flight. The key is to have ample time in your hand for passport renewal formalities and then only proceed to book flights.

Don’t hit the panic button

Also, avoid panicking if things go wrong while catching a flight. God forbid, but just in case, even if after so many checks and rechecks, you notice that you have forgotten to carry an important document, or lost it on the way to the airport or your flight got delayed or canceled altogether, panic is bound to happen. And panicking will only worsen your situation. In these cases, just take a deep breath, stay calm and head straight away to an airport officer for assistance. Because he is the right person to guide and help you with all the necessary instructions or advice that need to be followed in such cases.

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