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Traveling to a new place has always fascinated everyone. But traveling to a new country altogether can be a bit challenging too. Especially, if language may become a barrier for some. So, here we are to curb all your fears and make your Hong Kong trip an exciting one.


Though Chinese and English are both official languages of Hong Kong locals mostly speak Cantonese. So, if possible, try and learn some basic Cantonese phrases like Néih hóu (Neyi Hou) which means Hello, Ngóh sihk jāai (Wa sihk taai) – I am a vegetarian. And the next one is a must to learn if you wish to get a good bargain – yau mou zit aa, which means are there any discounts?

Tourist Octopus Card

Gone are the days when people purchase tickets for public transport. Nowadays, it is all about traveling smartly. Hence, Hong Kong has an exclusive Tourist Octopus Card for hassle-free traveling which is easily available on any 7-Eleven Store. This is a rechargeable smart-card, which can be used to pay for public transports such as Bus, MTR Trains, Ferry, and Trams. One card, unlimited solutions.

International Debit Cards

You should carry international debit or credit cards that may charge additional amounts for the usage which needs to be checked with your card service provider. Also, Visa is On-Arrival and as per the norm of the Immigration Department of Hong Kong. One tip: Exchange currency at banks in Hong Kong to get better rates.

Be on Time

Although why just for transfer, one must be on time for everything. But still, if you are in Hong Kong, it is advisable to respect time for the transfer procedure, as the shuttle at Hong Kong International Airport waits only for 10 minutes for Seat-in-Coach (SIC) transfers. Even for private transfers, the cab driver doesn’t wait for more than 20 minutes. 10 or 20 minutes, even this seems to be enough time to wait patiently.


Always carry your original documents like passport, tickets, and the contact details of your travel agent while traveling, be it Hong Kong or anywhere. 2 recent photographs with a light-colored background is required for Visa on arrival. Please make sure that your passport is valid for six months with a blank page in it.


One reason, which makes Hong Kong an attractive tourist destination is its amazing range of shopping and departmental stores. The items mentioned with a clear price tag indicates that the owner is not willing to bargain. But if there is no price tag, it means it’s time to show your bargaining skills.


Accommodation in Hong Kong may burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid that, choose affordable guesthouses in Hong Kong, which are your best bet as they are relatively cheap, comfortable, and air-conditioned. Make sure to stay in a licensed guest house only.

Airport Express Train

It is better to use Airport Express Train as it is very efficient and connects the airport to various cities in Hong Kong. The tickets can be bought in advance.

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