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Didn’t we grow up thinking so much about the Great Wall of China? Hasn’t this been one of the centres of our world of dreams and imagination? But the Great Wall of China is a lot different than what you have been dreaming about since your childhood. It’s length is more than 21 million meters! Yes! That’s the biggest reason for its entry among the recent seven wonders of the world. Here are a few more amazing things about the ancient wonder of China.

Best time to visit the Great Wall of China
It might sound a little disappointing for you but visiting the great wall during weekends or long holidays is not the best of ideas. If you don’t want to be squished completely among the heavy crowds, don’t go during the peak holiday seasons or weekends. Although the Great Wall of China is crowded throughout the year, October and November are exceptions to some extent. These 2 months are not only less crowded in comparison to other months, but this time of the year is also suitable according to the weather, which is slightly cooler, thanks to the peak time of autumn. Hence, instead of waiting for holidays or weekends, plan an adventure trekking with your friends during October, November.

The major sections of the wall one should visit:
You can’t even think about exploring the whole of the Great Wall of China during a single trip unless you have a lot of, plenty of time. A well-planned trip to a few sections of the wall can save you from getting extremely exhausted. Look out the wall sections to visit during the adventure trekking.

The Badaling Great Wall:
It is easily accessible from Beijing and offers a comparably comfortable journey. Facilities like a cable car, a Great Wall Museum, access to wheelchairs etc. make it one of the most preferred sections of the Great Wall of China.

Haughuacheng Great Wall:
If you are looking to have crowd-less trekking, you should think about making to the Haughacheng Great Wall. It is quite remote, and there are hardly any tourists. If you love hiking, you get an option of a little challenging hiking to Zhangjiakou.

Mutianyu Great Wall:
The Mutianyu Great Wall is second most accessible from Beijing after the Badaling Great Wall. It is not only one of the well-restored portions of the wall, but it is also easily accessible by Public Transport. If you are aiming for a comfortable and less-challenging riding through the wall, plan a visit to this portion.

Gubeikou Great Wall:
Gubeikou Great Wall is the most preferred portion of the Great Wall China for trekking and hiking. Considered as one of the wildest portions, it is only partially restored. There are numerous breath-taking sites of historical battles. So, if you want a real experience of the Great Wall of China, consider Gubeikou Great Wall as your next trekking destination.

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