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You might think you got the best airfare until you discover that your seatmate got even cheap flight tickets than yours. Blows the mind right? Well, this is what crazy airfare pricing is! It differs very vastly! But once you read this, you will easily master all flight deals and book cheap flights than anyone else.

Why airfares differ?

All airline gauge demand and accordingly spike or lower airfares. For example, flight tickets for Christmas season especially weekends falling before and right after Christmas will be very high while not so high on the particular festival day itself. It is so because maximum people travel before and return after Christmas, and if you want cheap flight tickets, choose to travel on the day of Christmas.

Seat Pricing

Every airline on an average has 10 different flight ticket price points. Most of them include economy vs. business class, when you buy (last-minute or advance), busier airline routes (smaller cities vs. busier bigger ones), distance, travel days (Monday vs. Wednesday), seat supply, and fuel.

Tricks to get cheap flight tickets

  • Search incognito and clear cookies: Before you search for cheap flight ticket rates online, ensure your browser is in incognito mode and all cookies are cleared.
  • Booking tickets within the ‘Prime Window’: Monitored advance booking guarantees lowest airfare. Book your domestic tickets 70-80 days and international tickets 60 days before departure.
  • Use best flight finder: Use competitive flight finder and get cheap flight tickets than booking through an agent, the airline or an average flight finder.
  • Be flexible: Be flexible about dates, flight time, and airport you are flying from. Search for flights during undesirable days and time. Consider booking flights on Tuesday or Wednesday, which are comparatively quieter than Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays when airfares are high. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday, when most people have already left. Prepare for red-eye flights, that have fewer people competing over the seats since there are night or early morning flights.
  • Choose connecting flights: Choose a layover flight if there is no rush.
  • Sign up for price alerts: Sign up for price alerts and be the first to know about dropping airfares and great flight deals.
  • Follow airline’s social media accounts and newsletter: Follow the airline’s social media accounts that may have schemes, promotions, and discounts running from time to time.

If you understand these algorithms and tricks to master airfares, you are sure to grab best flight deals.

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