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Finding cheap flights is not easy. We all have been there, glued to our laptop screen for hours in order to find the cheapest flights to our destination, comparing and scanning through endless websites to discover some of the best deals. But don’t fear travellers, with these tips you will be able to book the cheapest flight possible to anywhere in the world.

Search in Secret

Always search for your airplane flight deals in private mode with incognito windows. This tool is an absolute genius. If you’re not familiar with incognito it works the same as a normal internet page. The only difference, your cookies are reset each time you re-open an incognito window. This, in turn, save those attractive prices from going up.

Check the fare is other currency

Before you pay up for your online flight booking, check out if it’s cheaper to pay in your destination currency or any another currency. Booking an airplane flight and paying up in a different currency could surely save you some fortune but only if you’re using a credit card free of foreign-transaction fees!

Search for Cheapest Travel Days

Though no one can really assure which day of the week will be cheaper than the other, you can still save up a lot by seeing the price chart for the entire month in order to book the cheapest.

Take Advantage of Mistake Fare

For those who do not know what it is, its an error pricing listed by airlines on the websites which typically lasts for a really short period before they correct it. There are various ways to spot these airline errors. But make sure once you do, play smart and don’t waste time asking around everyone. Just go ahead and make your online flight booking right away.

Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines exist for a reason. Thesehelp you reach your destination at the cheapest possible price. Although you do miss out on amenities of any premium airline like free meals, extra leg space, and extra baggage check in. But sacrificing a little comfort to fly to your destination at a way cheaper rate is definitely worth the pain.

So next time you have to make an online flight booking for your travel destination, don’t panic. Just follow these tips for cheap flight tickets to travel pretty much anywhere in the world.




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