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Once upon a time, you were a toddler and enjoying your hay days. Cut to a few years later and you suddenly find yourself on the receiving end by being a new parent which is not less than a full-time job. Toddlers these days can be a handful as you need to keep them busy with tons of toys, accessories (yes, smart gadgets those too) and other essentials. But, you can’t carry a truckload of stuff for them when you are traveling. Confused where to begin? Relax, we’ll sort it out for you. Here is the ultimate toddler checklist.

A baby tent

If you are a frequent traveler, then this should be right up there in your checklist. Let’s face it, a hotel bed is comfy for you but it can mess up sleep for your kids. So, whether you are renting an apartment or there is no cot available, a peapod tent for toddlers is the perfect snoozing solution. Yes, it is foldable, flexible and fits in every corner of your room. It’s like a private room for your kid while you give all the room service.

White noise machine

Kids can have very sensitive sleep cycles and are prone to different levels of noises all day. Thinking of how to keep things shush for them? A white noise machine cuts all that clutter of unwanted background sounds, which can be a pain when putting your kids to sleep. Just switch on this machine and it provides the perfect frequency for your child to sleep in no time. You can save that lullaby for another day.

Inflatable Airplane Cushion

Unless, you are flying business class, long flights can be such a downer for you. Imagine what it can do to your kids.  Not if you have the inflatable airplane cushions and bed, your toddler will at least get a first-class-like sleep. That’s because it offers them extra leg and head room as you place them to sleep on the seat. And once they are snoozing, you can get back to the in-flight entertainment mode and watch your favorite flicks.

Toddler Carrier

The baby carrier is a boon for all new parents. No matter what kind of trip, a lightweight stroller is a must-have. Why? First, it can help you move around different places and destinations with no major glitches (Yes folding and unfolding can be a pain sometimes). Two, toddlers love being on the stroller as it gives them the best seat in the house to look and move around with parents. Plus, you don’t mind the undue attention your cute little baby receives. It also keeps them distracted while you go for sightseeing.

Snack it up in a cup

Toddlers love amusement, and what better way to keep them busy than some yummy snacks in their favorite cup. A snack cup ensures that your toddler does not go hungry and becomes independent right from a young age. Only make sure there are no chocolates or sweets in there.

Flying with your toddler?

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