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Europe – the world’s second-smallest continent yet highly popular and loved destination by travelers all over the world. And why is Europe everyone’s favorite when one thinks of taking a break from the monotony and go for stupendous escapades? We don’t need to even answer that. It’s obvious. Europe can be your one-stop destination if you are planning a romantic getaway, adventure, satiating your gastronomical side or simply willing to visit culture and history. Europe has everything to offer to people of varied preferences, no matter what age group they are in. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s just quickly summarise all the highlights that have made Europe the hot favorite amongst everyone.


When it comes to fashion, Europe is a perfect destination for all who are fashion crazy and want to look stylish on every little occasion. Europe is home to some of the world’s best shopping destinations. European cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Milan are eminent fashion hubs all over the world and have so much to offer to people according to their pockets. Starting from 88 cents for a dollar, Lisbon, Portugal has undoubtedly become the hottest shopping destination in Europe. And since Euro is cheaper than a pound, you just can’t skip Paris to pick up various designer items such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel to name a few.

Delectable Food

Rarely I have come across anyone who has the least interest in food. While some have sweet tooth, or weakness for piquant taste others may crave for authentic dishes, whatever the case may be, food is loved by all. From Palacinky in the Czech Republic, Currywurst in Germany, Goulash in Hungary to French Crepes, Herrings in Netherland or Struklji in Slovenia, these lip-smacking dishes need to be savored if you are on your trip to Europe. I am already relishing the taste of these mouth-watering delicacies, aren’t you?


If you think Europe is all about shopping, fashion, food, cultural heritage then you must dig in a bit more before making any conclusions about the continent. Why should nature lovers feel left out? Like I already mentioned that Europe has everything, let me take you through a quick round of destinations that my nature-loving friends would like to know. Capri Island in Italy, spectacular world of Alps in Switzerland, Madeira in Portugal for floral paradise and bird lovers, Biarritz in France for sandy beaches or green Miskolc in Hungary, nothing can be missed.

Natural Wonders of Europe

Europe is much more than just big cities, fashion or food. There are many natural wonders which have brought Europe in the bucket list of every traveler. Dolomites Mountains in Italy, Salou beaches in Spain, Norway’s scenic Fjords, Bled Gorge in Slovenia, The Northern Lights in Sweden, Krimml in Austria for world’s highest waterfall, Thermal Springs in Saturnia, Tuscany in Italy and Croatian beaches, I wonder if this one life would be sufficient to see even the half of Europe.

You never thought that Europe has so much to offer, right? Never mind, as they say, it’s never too late or better late than never. So, pack your bags, plan your break and head straight to the world’s most famous destination – Beautiful Europe.

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