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The peak travel season in the U.S begins from the end of June and goes up to August around 20 or so. Many other countries also have peak travel season during this particular period or near and hence, airfares generally see a steep rise. Well, there is still a chance to get a moderate flight ticket given you know the magic fates to fly in august.

Magic Dates to Fly in August

For 2019, the magic dates for your flight bookings begin on August 20, followed by a lowered flight price around August 27. End of August-September 10 is perfect to get flight bookings done for transatlantic travel. The flight prices drop sharply during these periods because schools reopen and children head back leaving the family travel season dry.

More so, advance planning and flight booking is always a good idea. The more planned your travel is and more right timed your bookings are, the higher you save and enjoy the trip. If you have your holiday upcoming in August, then you should definitely check out cheap flight tickets within the period we suggest so that you get guaranteed lowest fares. Based on our analysis, we recommend you a certain period when you should monitor and book your tickets in advance for your trip. The chances of getting lowest airfares are higher when booked in accordance to our suggestions than by booking nearer to the date of departure, as the fares are expected to shoot up later than before.

For a holiday in August, the best time to book flights tickets would be 70-80 days before the date of departure for U.S. domestic flights; while for international flight tickets the best time would be 60 days before flight departure. This period is the Prime Booking Window and you should closely monitor airfares and book your flight tickets on an attractive price on when it strikes. But remember to keep the magic dates of August in mind while selecting the dates to fly.

If you are traveling to a domestic location in August, your flight search and flight ticket booking should begin towards the end of May; and if you happen to be traveling to an international destination in August, then your prime booking window will start from June beginning.

Additionally, even in the prime window slot and considering your magic dates, avoid booking flights tickets on weekends. Be aware of any special events that bring along discount flight offers, you can capture a good flight price at that time. Also, if you are flexible with your dates in August, you should avoid taking a flight ticket on Monday or Thursday, in fact, opt for the one on Tuesday or Wednesday as the fares would be lower. You could also check for flights tickets that are available during ‘dead hours’ such as early morning and late-night flights. They could help you save you a lot of money!

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