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Pregnancy cannot hamper you travel plans unless you it is a complicated one or you are very close to your term. So, if you are pregnant and want to take that trip really bad, then simply follow CheapFareGuru’s tips for a pregnant woman for flying word to word and there will be no hassle.

Select the right time

It is best to travel in the second trimester when you are strongly 14 through 27 weeks. Plan strategically so that your business trip, vacation or baby moon falls within that time period. Avoid traveling during the initial pregnancy period, as well as during the last months.

Consult your doctor

Check with your doctor if you can fly at that particular time, get medical clearances, and know any precautions to take. Also, get the destination approved from the doctor to avoid any weather impacts and infections. Keep your doctor’s number handy to call in case of emergencies. Also, ask for a reference doctor in your travel destination, who can be contacted if, need be.

Take a relaxed trip

We suggest you to opt for closer destinations that have shorter flights, choose good hotels, have pre-booked transport, and indulge in a holiday that rejuvenates you and not a one that is demanding in any sense. Try to spend most time laid back and relaxed.

Get yourself insured

When you make your flight bookings, also ensure you choose travel insurance in case you need any medical attention while travelling or in another location. Get all papers sorted and know all procedures to apply for insurance in another land. Also, consider medical evacuation and prepare for it.

Take pregnancy essentials

Do not forget to take your medicines and vitamins on the trip; there is no way you can skip any dosage. Carry a travel pillow, blanket, and a quick survival kit in case you feel nauseous, giddy or stuffiness.

Choose your flight and seat smartly

Just in the hurry of booking cheap air plane tickets, do not forget you need to be very cautious when you are pregnant. Take layover flights that will allow you to stretch, choose shorter and comfortable flights, and opt for the aisle seat to have easy access to the washroom and room to move around; keep walking or stretching out while in the flight.

Inform the airline

After you have booked your plane tickets on CheapFareGuru, do not forget to call the airline informing them about your condition and asking for any help you will need. You could request for pre-expedited security and other services. Also, check with them for any restrictions on pregnant women travelling and ensure to confer to the rules.

Eat healthy, Stay hydrated

Watch out for what you eat; do not indulge in junk consumption instead eat fresh, eat healthy food, and drink lots of water to ensure you stay hydrated. Carry small, healthy snacks with you while on the go and ensure you keep eating timely.

Pack Light

This is simple as it is. Because you are pregnant, you must not overstock your luggage, instead pack only essentials that are easy to carry or stroll around with. While most airports and tourist places offer help in such cases, but one should be prepared for the worst scenario.

Be Vigilant

Keep all things in mind and be observant of your activities. Watch your steps, do not over exert yourself, save your energy, take proper sleep, keep your family and doctor informed, and most importantly be alert for any issues you face; the sooner you catch it, easier it is to treat.

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