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The best part about traveling the world is that you get to experience vast cultures and traditions. Some of which may appeal to you while the others might sound bizarre. And one such land where you’d be blown by the sheer dynamicity and versatility of culture in – Asia. Visiting Asia is like throwing yourself in a hue of culture, where unknowingly you might end up offending somebody. So, in case you don’t want to be called the rude tourist, it is best you follow our travel etiquette tips when traveling to Asia – the land of culture.

Eat your food with the right hand

When in Asia, it is advisable to use your right hand while eating any kind of food, except when using a fork. The left hand is considered to be used for sanitary activities and thus, it is best if you avoid that.

Do not touch other people

While across Asia, there are multiple cultures and hence, there is no such rule that is applicable to all but it is true that Asians do not like to be touched at the first meet at least. You could use hello, or a regional salutation to greet the other person. Patting on the head or back is to be avoided specifically, when in Asia.

Avoid touching your shoes in public

No matter how bizarre that sounds, you should avoid touching your shoes in public since, in Asia, shoes are considered the dirtiest part of the whole attire and hence, avoidable. Also, in case you do touch your shoes, wash your hands.

Be respectful

When in Asia, you will meet people of varied cultures, opinions, and religions. It is considered basic etiquette to be respectful towards other person’s beliefs, values, culture, religion, etc. It is best to observe your surroundings, blend in, and follow their cultural habits. Most of Asia is very conservative, hence, it is best to be careful with what you say and do.

Avoid talking about politics

Politics in Asia can be a serious issue; so it is best to avoid talking about politics or making any remarks. Particularly, in countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. it is best to refrain from any political conversations.

Smile more

When you might not feel like it, but it is still best for you to smile when you meet or greet someone in Asia or else you could come across as rude. The more you smile, the more acceptable you become.

Use ‘relationship’ carefully

In Asia, the relationship word is synonyms with marriage, and thus, it is best to avoid using the term relationship in any other context.

Bring a gift

In Asia, when you’re visiting someone’s home it is always preferable you take a small token of love along. You could take some chocolates or another general gift that won’t offend anyone.

Well, that is not all, but surely some of the most important ones to remember when in Asia. Once through this, you can be certain to not offend anyone. So, book your flight tickets without worry because you’ve learned most of it now. But be sure to not miss out on the travel protection program from AirTkt that covers trip cancellation, trip delays, trip interruption, baggage delays, emergency medical expenses, and more. Also, choose the travel assistance program from AirTkt to take advantage of multiple post-ticketing benefits.

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