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Europe has so much to offer an avid traveller. History, art, culture, culinary and limitless scenic delights. It’s a must-watch continent at least once in your lifetime. But before you head there, make sure you have these essentials in your luggage to make your Europe travel, an experience of a lifetime.

Neck Wallet

Yes, Europe is one of the finest places on planet Earth in terms of geography and natural beauty, but there are also rogue elements in the form of pickpockets in many cities. So, always be careful of your belongings when in cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome and Paris. A neck wallet is excellent in concealing all your important travel documents, cash, phones and hotel keys.

Compact Portable Charger

This is extremely important for those die-hard instagrammers and social media fans who love to click selfies and pics, put hashtags and post pictures on the go. The question is what are you going to do when you run out of battery? So make sure to keep that portable charger with you so that the pics and hashtags never stop.

Travel Insurance

Probably one of the most important yet most neglected. Travelling to a foreign land has its own set of risks. In case of any accident or health emergency, a travel insurance takes care of your medical expenses and coverage so that you don’t have to pay extra over what you already have for your holiday.

A Backpack That’s Got Your Back

It’s not easy to carry those travel bags with wheels everywhere. Especially, when you have some adventure in your mind. It can be trekking, camping or chilling for an entire day at the beach. So, make sure to carry a nice sturdy backpack to stuff your travel essentials wherever you go.

Keep it simple and sweet. Get a Sim.

Now unless you are some big-shot celebrity and intend to keep your international roaming on and pay hundreds of dollars at the end of the month, we’d suggest taking a Sim Card that is pocket friendly and Europe-friendly, which means a reliable network for the entire region.

Packing cubes

This can be a small yet great hack to keep your stuff organized and save time in finding your stuff. Plus, they are extremely expandable and sponge-like to fit anywhere in your bag.

Plug it right in Europe

The plug points are different from what we use in America. Make sure you carry a power adapter, which will help you connect all your smart devices at one go. It will also be nice if you can have a USB port device.

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