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Everyone who loves movies and glamour must surely have heard of the Cannes film festival, the biggest in its field. While that is very popular, there are many others that are amazing but not as famous as the Cannes. So, here CheapFareGuru brings you World’s 10 best film festivals you have never heard of.

You can book cheap flight tickets with CheapFareGuru and attend any of these film festivals; also, if you are lucky then you might also spot a celebrity too.

Film Fest MÜnchen, Munich

The October beer festival town also organizes its lesser-known film festival. This is a star-studded event with a red carpet where famous cinematographers can be spotted. The prizes range from $30000 to $70000.

Zanzibar International Film Festival, Zanzibar

Also called the festival of Dhow countries is a Non-Governmental Organization that has helped promote Zanzibar’s economy. This annual arts and cultural festival features the best local and international films. It attracts both tourists and worthy cinematographers.

Busan International Film Festival, South Korea

Asia’s most significant film festival focuses on featuring films and directors from Asia. The festival attracts young talent and also the young audience.

International Buddhist Film Festival

Screened at more than a dozen cities this festival premier around 350 Buddhist movies. Filmmakers from all over the world present their Independent movies. The entries can be sent throughout the year.

Citizen Jane film festival, Columbia

“Tiny Furniture” by Lena Dunham was the first film to be featured here and since then movies by female filmmakers get showcased here. Female perspective gets recognized here. Get your flight tickets booked well in advance before all great flight deals run out.

Napa Valley Film festival, Napa

Movies and wine do make for a great combination. You get to enjoy wine tasting along with glamorous country style parties. This festival screens over 125 films, including famous Hollywood movies.

Outfest Los Angeles, Los Angeles

The overlooked LGBT community gets recognition here. The films are based on true life incidents and focus on equality within the community. People also take part in the drag shows that happens here.

Fantastic Fest, Austin

Famous movies like Zombieland and Apocalypto are premiered here. Big shot Hollywood names like Tim Burton, Bill Murray, and more are often spotted here enjoying themselves perform on the screens. You can play vintage arcade and vinyl just like you would do in the good old 90’s.

Chicago Underground film festival, Chicago

It is an independent film festival which screens movies from every part of the world. Taking a step back from the mainstream movies, it displays experimental genres. The streets of Chicago are the location of the festivals.

Cinequest film festival, San Jose

Silicon Valley is now famous for something more. It now holds a digital film festival with films made with innovative tools. It also earned its name in the US Today as the best film festival.

So here are a few places you get to see film festivals. You can get cheap flight tickets on CheapFareGuru without pinching your pocket.

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