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Craving for a holiday to Europe? They say this continent should be on every traveler’s bucket list. After all, there’s so much culture, heritage and culinary delights at every nook and cranny of this great mainland. If you have Europe on your bucket list then there’s something else that should be there too – The festivals of Europe. Here are the top 5, which you simply can’t miss.

Oktoberfest is the best 

Golden colored beer and blond women, now that sounds like a wonderful combo. The Oktoberfest in Germany is a non-stop joyride. Get high on the non-stop beer pouring in. Swing to the tunes of the German folk music and celebrate like the locals in the grand carnival arena, which has plenty of rides and entertainment on offer. Though the festival is called Oktoberfest, it actually starts in September and ends in the first week of October.

Paint the town red at La Tomatina 

Come August and in Spain, you have one of the most unique festivals in the world, which involves sploshing tomatoes at people. It happens in the small town of Bunol where people come in thousands and literally paint the town red with tomatoes. So, those allergic to tomatoes or large crowds, skip this one.

Fetes de Bayonne 

This is one big feast on the streets of Bayonne in France. And what comes to your mind when you think of France? Yes, wine and cheese are aplenty. Not to forget the other variety of food, flavors and people from all over Europe. It’s a great place to connect with people with such a festive vibe. To top it all, there are even fireworks to make you go wow.

Go Dutch at Kingsday 

The Dutch love to party and it’s all at display on this day. It’s about celebrating the King, which can be seen with people singing, dancing and revelling to Dutch songs and spirit. Speaking of spirit, there is plenty of booze on offer with the famous Amstel beer flowing on practically every corner of the country. Cheers!

Made for couples – Wife Carrying World Championships at Sonkajärvi, Finland

Probably this is the best test of skills and coordination of couples as the husband has to carry his wife in a relay race, which is filled with obstacles, uneven terrains and unique props on the way. Couples, your stamina will be on display but so will your compatibility and timing. Make sure there are no arguments here.

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