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When the airline cancels the flight that you were supposed to take for a business meeting, it causes a lot of trouble with the client who is waiting for you while you are stranded on the airport. Well, it is not a pleasant scenario, and leaves you feeling agitated. That is why CheapFareGuru has simplified this by listing down what to do if your flight is canceled on a business trip.

Inform the Stakeholders

Make some quick calls to the people who are impacted by your flight cancellation. Inform the client about the delay and cause, and if possible schedule another time for the meeting citing how apologetic you are for the unplanned events. Keep your boss in loop of the situation and in case you are an entrepreneur, inform your manager about your absence and the next course of action. Also, update your transportation contact, hotel and other accommodations about the change in schedule.

Contact the Airline

Upon the news of flight cancellation, while many will be crowding the airline help desk and standing in queues for information, we advise you to call the airline help center and ask for damage control. If you haven’t begun your trip, search the airline’s website for cancellation policies. Check for alternate flights, alternate airport departures, and in case of long hauls ask for food, accommodation and back-up travel plans or travel credit. If you had a layover flight, check with the airline for how to make up for the loss time if possible, if not alternate layover flights or non-stop flight options available.

Use Credit Card Travel Protection

While most airline credit card companies limit their coverage to accident and baggage protection, there are some that cover flight cancellations also such as Chase Ink Business Preferred and United Explorer Business Card. If you booked your flight tickets through a business credit card, you will be eligible for refunds and compensation depending on the company’s policy. In case of a job, collect all necessary documents to claim a refund.

Purchase Business Purchase Travel

Always get a travel insurance while you book flight tickets and make hotel bookings. This standalone aid will come to your rescue when neither the airline nor the credit card reimburses you for cancellation. Good travel insurance will also cover flight delays and missed connections along with cancellations, emergencies, baggage loss, and rental car theft.

Know your Air Travel Rights

Know all your rights and claims when the airline cancels a flight. In case the airline cancels the flight, or the flight is delayed by a large extent or if there’s a schedule change in advance or a route change, you can claim for a full refund cancellation, even if your ticket is non-refundable. The airline cannot keep you on a plane without your consent for more than three hours, on a domestic flight or four hours, on international flights. Some airlines also provide hotel accommodation, meals, or a substitute flight in such cases. Know the cancellation laws of the U.S. Department of Transportation Fly Rights and evaluate your options accordingly.

That said, follow the above tricks and you are sure to minimize flight cancellation suffering and effects.

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