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Iceland- the land of the spell-bounding Aurora Borealis, picturesque drives, steep-sided fjords, rushing geysers, ice-covered volcanoes, and glaciers. If your next online flight booking is just a click away from this dramatic destination, CheapFareGuru rounds up the 10 things you must know before visiting Iceland!

Save up enough

Definitely not a budget destination. If not planned properly your trip to Iceland can turn out to be freakishly expensive. Traveling in peak summer months are much more expensive than quieter winter months. Gas and food are the real budget killer.

Expect the unexpected

The weather in Iceland is highly unpredictable. Don’t be surprised if a sunny day suddenly turns into a snowstorm. Iceland has an excellent warning system in place; try not to go against it.

Decide upon the travel month

Figure out which time of the year you would like to visit Iceland. Winters is least busy with lower while summer being the peak season is filled with tourists, with more operational attractions and accessible roads. But the biggest drawback of summer is that it cuts down your chances of seeing Aurora Borealis.

Pack the essentials

Irrespective of the season, make sure you pack enough! Include warm layers, waterproof jacket, snow boots, and swimsuit in your packing list.

Getting around

With an array of options available to travel in Iceland, a self-drive trip definitely makes up for the best option. Hire a car, travel around under your own steam or opt for a guided tour.

Schedule the itinerary

Planning the trip to Iceland is more complicated than the other countries. Decide upon the activities and make your bookings accordingly. But make sure you leave enough room for the uncertainties of the weather.

Check the forecast for Northern Lights

A lot of factors play an important role when it comes to spotting the Northern Lights like the season, pollution, weather, etc. Once in the country, keep checking the Aurora forecasts regularly to maximize your chances of seeing it.

Book your accommodation

Iceland caters to a mix of self- catering cottages to the guesthouses to the hotels. So, narrow down your option and make prior booking especially if traveling in the peak season.

Drink tap water:

Water in Iceland is one of the cleanest and safest to drink in the world. So, carry a foldable water bottle and refill it from anywhere as and when required.

Things to do:

Take a drive around the 1300 km ring road, wrapping the entire country. You can also choose to tour out from Reykjavik to Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Gullfoss waterfall, and Kópavogslaug.

Just follow these tips by CheapFareGuru and make your online flight bookings on time for a stress-free Iceland vacation.

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