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Can you guess the size of Singapore? It is just 721 km square. Yet, this country has the strongest passport in the world, which gives you access to nearly 190 countries with a visa on arrival process. Now that speaks volumes of the country’s standing on the international stage. When one thinks of Singapore, usually people have this impression of it being a financial hub. However, there’s lots more to Singapore than you can think

It’s a non-stop adventure ride 

From the world-famous Sentosa Island to Universal Studios to Southeast Asia’s steepest zip wire, Singapore is not your typical financial hub. It has plenty of thrills, chills, and spills for every kind of traveler.

Arts and culture galore  

For all those who thought Singapore is a commercial hub will have to think again. After all, there so much heritage, culture, and history laced up in this small country, which has plenty of huge surprises for you. This is at full display at Singapore’ Civic District, which is home to a plethora of art galleries namely the National Museum of Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum and the National Gallery Singapore. And while you are out, don’t forget to breathe the unique ethos of Singapore.

Unity in diversity 

In a world where marginalization and categorization of people have become the new norm, Singapore is a role model for all countries and societies. It’s exemplary how people from different communities, sects, religions, and countries are staying in harmony and celebrate all the major festivals in the world with equal enthusiasm and gaiety.

Foodies’ paradise 

Thanks to its multi-ethnic culture, Singapore has cuisines from all over the world. It’s a feast for your palate and plater with so much food going around town. And we’d like to debunk another myth here that food in Singapore is not that expensive. There is a restaurant or eatery for every type of traveler and food lover. Do some research before heading out.

The nightlife is thriving 

People love to work hard and party harder in Singapore. Whether it’s live music, indie performances, lounging or pubbing, the party vibes of Singapore are alive and kicking on every street and corner in the evening. You can chill at Clarke Quay, party at the Zouk nightclub or even groove in the rock and roll hub – Crazy Elephant If you love retro, head to Level Up to literally up to your experience as this place might even play some pop culture music from the 90s including video games. Are you game?

Planning your trip to Singapore? 

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