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These days all everyone talks about is food. And if you are a foodie you know how one can get bored from simple plain food. Since the past few years there has started a trend of festivals that revolve around food. You don’t just eat food to balance the alcohol, now you get to travel and party for a variety of good food. Here are a few food festivals that we at CheapFareGuru think are the world’s best.

Hawaii food and wine festival, Hawaii, USA

This festival goes on for as long as three weeks. You get to taste almost 90 percent of the cuisines offered. More than 150 renowned chefs take part in this festival. The items one must try is sashimi, singed tuna and the vast spread of scrumptious deserts. Book cheap flights with CheapFareGuru and save to spend more on delicious food.

New York wine and food festival, NYC, USA

If you love your food to be lavish and grand, then you must book cheap flight tickets for October with CheapFareGuru. This festival is graced by American food TV celebrities. Around 100 plus events happen in various locations throughout the gorgeous city. Do not miss the late night grand desert parties and the tacos and tequila parties. Things to taste on your list should be the breath taking cakes and the sweet potato doused marshmallows.

Napoli pizza village, Naples, Italy

You have to come here to taste worlds’ best pizzas made by great pizza Chefs. Pizza experts from around the globe flock to participate in the various competitions and bring out the best pizza flavors. You get to taste the traditional pizza baked to perfection in wood-fire oven and topped with the classic mozzarella, red tomatoes and Basil. Book cheap flights with CheapFareGuru and save to spend more on the pizzas.

Salon du chocolat, Paris, France

J’aime le chocolat, as the French like to say I love chocolate. This festival is all about chocolate, food and the couture too. What could you have expected from the fashion capital? You get to taste chocolates from not one, nottwo, but almost 60 different countries. This is a chocolate lover’s paradise. The main attractions are the pastry competitions and the mouth-watering sculptures made out of guess what, chocolate.

Ubud food festival, Bali, Indonesia

If you love sea food and beach vibes, then we at CheapFarGuru suggest that you book cheap flight tickets for this festival. This festival strives to revive the traditional cuisines of Bali. You get to see Indonesia’s culinary experts hosting food tours and masterclasses. Do not come home without tasting the flavored rice with a variety of meat dishes.

All this food talk has made us hungry and we at CheapFareGuru can’t wait to book our cheap flight tickets soon.

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