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With Memorial Day just around the corner and people waiting to celebrate it with some serious eats, you can surely take notes on some of the Memorial Day eating contests worth seeing. Book cheap flights on CheapFareGuru, and head out to witness or even better indulge in the intense food fight, people consuming food at mindboggling rates in a variety of fun, exciting, and weird food eating contests.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest: Held in Cincinnati; this famous hot dog eating contest lets visitors compete over as many hot dogs as they can eat. The winner of the competition gets to witness the International Hot Dog Eating Contest held in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. It was in the 2018 International Hot Dog eating contest that Joey Chestnut ate whopping 74 hot dogs. Imagine that!

Shrimp Eating Championship: San Pedro Famous Shrimp Eating Championship is not for the feint heart. The competition is full of people competing to eat maximum pure size, meaty, and colossal shrimps at frivolous rates. Apart from this, the sight is full of energy, music, chatter, games, activities, events, and some iconic fish delicacies. In this competition too, Joey Chestnut holds a world record of consuming 7lb of shrimp in 8 minutes. Unbelievable, is it?

Delaplane Strawberry Festival: Go to this competition with your whole family to enjoy a cheerful day in the Virginia countryside at Sky Meadows State Park. You can make a whole day of it and witness the hayrides, games, dancing, music, storytelling, cake-walking, face painting, crafts, etc. – the greatest of these being the Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae eating contest. Tickets are available at $25 per car; you can get your own snack or enjoy some fresh strawberry sundaes!

Third Annual Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver Eating Championship: Prefer stuffing your face with round puff pancakes or watching the world’s best in this field chow them down at stomach-churning rates? Then you should definitely grab a pass for this one. Held in the Danish Village of Elk Horn, Iowa, the festival is a wonderful celebration of Danish American culture, traditions, and foods. The fest also hosts parades, folk dancing, live bands, races, exhibits, and fireworks. At the 2018 championship, Geoffrey Esper ate 107 æbleskivers in eight minutes. Think you can beat that?

Tin Roof Hot Chicken Eating Contest: This Memorial Day, head to Kentucky to gulp the world famous hot chicken and witness or participate in the Tin Roof contest. The 30 minute challenge can seriously test your appetite by making you compete over grilled chicken sandwiches with swarming amounts of peanut butter and honey. Apart from this, there are also plenty of buffet options and beer on tap.

Shell Factory’s Watermelon Eating Challenge: Sounds healthy and fun? It sure is, but with insane amount of people flocking to see or compete in a contest to eat the maximum amount of watermelon slices as humanly possible. Held in North Fort Myers, Florida, this challenge certainly tests your stomach’s limits but is supremely fun. Apart from this, the day also offers interesting games, fun activities, and a free barbeque. Are you on the go?

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