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With rapid advancements in every field, all the great things that this world has experienced or is moving forward to should be collectively restored – for our memory, to pass on the heritage, and give knowledge to our kids. The ideal place for this is a museum – a place that exhibits significant artifacts, art, culture, technology, history or science. Museums make the kids aware of the past, present, and future. AirTkt suggests to grab amazing flight deals and visit 6 best free museums this year along with kids.

  1. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

This culturally ignited building is the first museum that was made for the kids. It holds activities where children of all age groups can indulge in. If you want a free ticket, then Thursday is your lucky day. AirTkt offers student discount flights, so book accordingly.

  1. California Science Center, California

California science center lets you explore the wonders of art and science through their various exhibits and films. They make an attempt through innovative programs to indulge children in science as an art. The gallery seems to give you hands-on experience in an interactive setting.

  1. American Full Art Museum, New York

This eight-floor tall building holds the most intricate and exquisite traditional craft pieces. Kids get to see the finely stitched pieces of quilts, pottery designs, the trade, and a variety of other decorative items. The kids can also take part in the free of cost workshop with their friends and family.

4 New York Aquarium

This aquarium wholly imitates the actual Pacific coastline with deep and hidden parts of the ocean too. The aquarium also hosts a variety of water shows featuring animals like seahorses and sharks. You can buy gifts and take back pictures with the giant walrus for yourself.

  1. Museum of the Moving Image, New York

A progressive art space which is perfect for the young gamers. It reveals the dynamics of the filmmaking process. It can house 264 people at a time and one can play 14+ amazing video games including Space Invaders asteroids, etc.

  1. New York Hall of Science

This museum is equipped with an advanced technology exhibit. It is one place which needs more than just one single visit.  You can choose from a variety of activities from different science fields. The museum also shows its design lab letting visitors have a peek into the engineering methods of the games too.

This trip will not only enrich the knowledge of the kids but also be an engaging holiday session. So, hurry up and book cheap flight tickets with AirTkt before the best airfare deals run out.

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