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All excited for your first trip to San Francisco? You should be as the city has some of the most iconic places in the world. One of them being Silicon Valley, which is home to some of the top tech global companies. Plus, there’s the awe-inspiring Golden Gate Bridge, which has become a symbol for the USA. But before you pack your bags and head to the airport, make sure to keep these top 5 things in mind before you head for your first trip to San Francisco.

Get layered up 

If there is one thing that’s not predictable in San Francisco is its weather. Sunny mornings can quickly turn into chilly afternoons with a sudden drop in temperature and the winds picking up. Beware, the city is surrounded by seas so the weather can change very quickly. It’s best to carry a sweater or an extra layer of clothing.

Carry a good phone and camera  

San Francisco is heaven for social media fans. After all, it has plenty of picturesque places. Head to the Dolores Park, Presidio picnic or witness the free-swinging dance at the Golden Gate Park every weekend. Don’t forget to put those hashtags.

Get a good pair of shoes 

Though the city offers a robust public transport system, the city is best enjoyed on foot to avoid traffic jams and discover its hidden alleys, shopping markets, and local cafes. Since the city has a hilly terrain, make sure you are wearing the right soles to enjoy your walkthrough of the city.

Pre-book your Alcatraz trip 

The Alcatraz prison is a must-visit when in San Francisco. However, you might not find your slot if you are planning to visit this legendary prison. So, make sure you have booked your Alcatraz trip along with your tickets to San Francisco.

Keep all your shopping for Chinatown 

San Francisco has the largest China Town market outside of Asia. Get great bargain deals at the market and when you’re done, you can dig into some of the most nom-nom Chinese meals, you’ll ever get your hands on. Plus, there are secret bars, which offer some of the most exotic cocktails. One pro tip: Be vigilant as this market is always crowded so always keep an eye for something suspicious.

Save money on free events and cheap foods 

San Francisco has plenty of museums, which look even prettier at night. What’s even better is the fact that once a month, you are given free entry into the museums. These dates are posted in advance so make sure, you check these dates before traveling to the city. Plus, there’s plenty of food in-store at this multi-cultural city. Head to the ferry building for some cheap treats or the plethora of food trucks all around the city.

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