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If a vacation involving exotic locales, adventure sports, camping and bragging rights gets your juices flowing, then you must give a serious look to sandboarding in the Sahara Desert.

For the uninitiated, sandboarding is an extreme sport similar to snowboarding in which you ride down a sand dune on a specialized sandboard at speeds of up to 50 mph. This can be done either standing up or lying down on the sandboard, whichever you prefer.

Although it is still a relatively niche activity compared to traditional adventure sports like snowboarding, bungee jumping, paragliding etc – there are many reasons to give it a go.

1. Business is booming 

There are many companies today who have established themselves in this area, especially in the African continent. They have been tried and tested, have built a name for themselves and  are thorough professionals. You can count on them for safety, comfort and anything else that you might possibly need.

2. It’s not just about Sandboarding 

Sandboarding excursions also involve hiking, riding camels, camping out in the desert, star-gazing, observing wildlife etc. All this while, a team of people takes care of all your needs, meals and and accommodation. This is not your typical holiday.

3. Any time of the year

You can go 365 days a year unlike ski resorts which are seasonal. With plenty of sun, sand and adventure, enjoy the non-stop ride of the great Sahara.   

4.The Hollywood factor

Imagine vacationing at some of the most famous Hollywood productions such as – Game of Thrones, Star Wars, English Patient, Alexander the Great, Gladiator and of course The Mummy, just to name a few.

5.The amazing Sahara

Last but not least, the biggest reason to consider this trip is the world’s largest hot desert – the amazing Sahara itself. Experience a landscape so vast and unique, it just may change the way you look at life. Get prepared to witness the amazing skills of your guide and how they are able to find water in what seems like a never-ending sea of sand. Witness the ethereal beauty of exquisite sand dunes and oases. And if you do decide to spend a night out in the desert, you cannot miss the divine night sky which lights up brighter and more wondrous than any city in the world.

So unleash the thrill seeker in you and get set to bust your stress away in the mighty Sahara. For the best flight deals for this amazing adventure check out Cheapfareguru.

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