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Wish traveling was as cheap as buying something as easy as going shopping from the supermarket next door? Unfortunately, one major cost of your holiday includes your tickets. Don’t you wish there were some easy hacks to reduce this burden on your pocket? Well, now you can with these simple yet effective hacks to get the cheapest fares any time, anywhere.

Keep all combinations and permutations 

Do an extensive search while looking at the cheapest airfares and tickets. Search for multiple travel search engines and look at the best travel deals. Not only that, these days, travel search engines and airline websites also allow you to drop your price alerts so that you can check the trends of flight tickets and book accordingly.

Look at layovers as cash cows

Direct flights are always going to be more expensive as they are always in high demand. Layovers can help you save a buck and also enjoy another destination just in case if they become long. It’s like taking one trip and getting the other free! Smart, isn’t it?

Be on incognito mode while booking 

Travel websites generally track you with cookies. These help them to track your travel requirements, which makes them raise the price invariably. Your best bet would be either delete your cookies or go into an incognito mode when you are looking for the cheapest travel offers.

Look for the small players for big discounts

Don’t just look at the big legacy brands when you are looking to fly. These days, there are plenty of budget carriers and low-cost airlines, which can offer you cheap flight deals and offers.

Every day matters  

It’s quite logical for airlines to bump up their costs on the weekends as it means more travelers. Therefore, it makes more sense to travel on a weekday as it means lower airfares. Plus, you also end up saving time at the airport with shorter queues. If you want the cheapest airfare, you need to be flexible so, take it easy and don’t be adamant when it comes to the date, rather be adamant to save.

Round trips can be costlier 

Surprised? Don’t be because sometimes 2 one-way tickets can turn out to be cheaper than a return trip. So, whenever you are designing an itinerary for your next trip, keep this point in mind.

Peak seasons can mean peak spendings 

It’s no rocket science that Christmas and New Year season is probably the busiest time of the year for airlines as people are traveling to and fro to spend time with family and friends. This is the time when demand is at its peak so booking during this season will increase your spending. Therefore, it is always a good plan to book in advance.

Looking for the cheapest deals?

 Well, if the other hacks work, good for you or else you can skip them all and log onto Cheapfareguru, which offers the cheapest airfares and travel deals. Plus, it’s a one-stop-shop for your travel needs. Hurry! Book now!


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