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Are you an adrenaline junkie in pursuit of some adventure? Then take an air flight to Bhutan and make it next on your list. The snow-capped mountains, untainted nature, and white-water rafting, if only an adventure trip could get any better. Hear the sound of the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries singing in the half-light of morning. From extreme adventure seekers to the first-timers, white water rafting in Bhutan has something to offer everyone.

Although a lot of rivers in Bhutan are fast-flowing, some are calm and perfect for river rafting activities. Punakha, the old capital of Bhutan is one of the most popular sites for rafting trips. The two main rivers scouted are Pho Chu (Male River), fed by Glaciers in upper Punakha glacial valley and Mo Chu (Female River), originating in the mountainous hills of Northern Bhutan. Pho Chu is generally preferred for experience holders as it has little higher degree rapids, providing about 15 rapids sprinkled over 12 kilometers. Mo Chu, on the other hand, is calmer with 10 rapids over a stretch of 10 kilometers. One can take their pick from Pho Chu or Mo Chu or those who have more than a day can do both. Ranging from Class II-Class III rapids and a pace that will keep your heart pumping at high water, the rapids as they enter the Devil’s Gorge are really popular for thrill-seekers.

Indulge in the some of nature’s most scenic and secluded views featuring breathtaking alpine scenery, beautiful farmland, world’s rarest migratory birds, incredibly blue water, and amazing rapids on the backdrop of striking 17th century Punakha Dzong, a Monastery cum fort and also one of the most impressive buildings in Bhutan. Along the journey you will also be passing under the longest suspension bridge of the country, perching high above the very swift river of Pho Chu.

Coming to the question of its worth? Rafting in Bhutan is quite reasonable costing somewhere around US 75$ for a two-hour trip. If you are making the online flight bookings now, try during the monsoons (June- August) which is the best season here for rafting compared to the winters, during which the water volume is low and boats don’t move around swiftly. Also, make sure you choose your partners carefully as you don’t want to be the only one paddling to reach them ashore.

With the breath-taking views and a raft down the white river leading you into the natures lap nothing beats the thrill of paddling through these water rapids.

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