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Traveling to the other part of the earth is always fun but taking care of himself is also an important part of a trip. So before flying, make sure you buy travel insurance, doesn’t matter where you are going you just have to have travel insurance.



If you are traveling to Canada then you must have an insurance cover, because foreign hospitals and clinics can be expensive rather than your own country. Make sure you will have travel insurance before flying to Canada, even if you are going to Canada for only one day. Canadian government doesn’t provide any medical help and also hospital might not give you the services if you are not having any travel/health or enough cash in advance.

Finding the best travel insurance can be tough, but always try to understand what you are buying. All terms and conditions should be read before making payment. It may cost you more normal but try to find better travel insurance that will provide you 100% coverage at the time you need.




            Cashless hospitalization                                   Daily allowance in cash of hospitalization


Travel insurance for Canada

  • Coverage for delay or loss of checked-in baggage             
  •  Coverage of trip delay                 
  • Trip cancellation & interruption reimbursement        
  •  Pre-existing disease cover for  a life-threatening medical condition                                                                                                   



  • Visitor Visa

A visitor visa or tourist visa is required if you are planning a short trip to Canada.

  • Super Visa

Super is required if parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residence are visiting Canada.

  • Business Visa

You must apply for a business visa if you are going to attend a meeting or some office work.

  • Work Permit

If you got a job in Canada then you can apply for a temporary visa, a work visa will work for only 6 months.

  • Transit Visa

Transit visas are temporary visas. People who are traveling to other countries via Canada can apply for a Transit visa.

  • Student Visa

Student visas are much-needed visas for those students who are going to stay in Canada for more than 6 months.



Although travel insurance for a Canadian visa is not mandatory if you are just going on a short visit, but you will have to show Canada travel insurance when you are applying for citizenship or immigrants. We would like to recommend you that you should buy travel insurance because in Canada medical expenses are very high and the Canadian government is not going to pay for your medical expenses.

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