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In the words of Andy Biersack, “Being called weird is like being called Limited Edition”. So, if you are thinking of having a crazy trip why not try the weirdest summer festivals of America this time! Well, when it comes to these bizarre festivals, they are nothing less than a limited edition. Do you know why? That’s because not everyone understands its worth. So, if you like to get weird, CheapFareGuru has narrowed down the 10 weirdest summer festivals of America.

Underwater Music Festival, Florida

Dive Loo Key Reef for a sub-sea concert with a radio playlist streaming the ocean-themed music from the suspended speakers. What’s better? Diving themed costumes and the underwater instruments crafted by the locals.

San Fermin, New Orleans

Instead of being chased by the bulls in Spain, book your air tickets to New Orleans this summer and play “Catch me if you can” by the Big Easy Rollergirls. The good part is, on getting caught, you only get whacked with the foam puddle instead of the deadly horns.

UFO Festival- Roswell, New Mexico

This extra-terrestrial event is an annual party for the UFO enthusiasts and the skeptics alike featuring an array of alien-themed activities like the tour to the planetarium, a long list of speakers, space-themed parade, and so on.

Wayne Chicken Show – Wayne, Nebraska

First held in 1981, it was founded as a way to get the community together and celebrate the humor. With humans dressed as chickens participating in the chicken-chucking contest and world’s largest chicken dance, this weird event kind of turns the entire town into a chicken.

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival — Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

This bizarre festival includes the cow chip throwing contest, games, crafts, glow party, and a parade. The state record for the longest throw is 248 feet.

Humongous Fungus Fest — Crystal Falls, Michigan

Celebrating the existence of the world’s oldest living organism weighing 440 tons this festival is an unexpected foodie event where one can enjoy tournaments, games, and the largest pizza known to mankind.

Duct Tape Festival- Ohio

This three-day festival celebrates the wonder of this American product – Duct Tape. With craftsmanship being the core, this event includes duct tape statues, parades, and fashion shows.

Great Texas Mosquito festival- Clute, Texas

Itching to have a good time? Head over to Texas for this carnival and partake in bizarre events like the mosquito calling contest, mosquito legs, and a prize for the kid with the cutest mosquito-bitten legs. Crazy enough?

Tarantula Festival- Coarsegold, California

Tarantula races, costumes contests, arachnid displays, and lots of food sums up this tarantula themed fun-filled festival.

Hollerin’s Heritage Festival-Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina

Kickstarted to preserve a near-extinct form of communication; this epic competition now includes BBQ cook-off and live music.

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