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Some like the window, others love aisle and the remaining have to settle in the middle. We are talking about airline seats. These days thanks to mobile apps and web check-ins a lot of airlines encourage passengers to book their seats through these applications as it is convenient and happens in a jiffy. Though, most of these airlines have a hidden agenda to make that extra buck. How? If you do a web or mobile check-in, you will have to pay extra for your seats on top of your booking. This means you could end up paying a pretty hefty price for booking your favorite seat on most airlines. Especially, if you are traveling with your family. Don’t worry, here are a few airline hacks that can get you sorted.

Get in early 

Early check-in is by the far the most basic and important hack to avoid the seat fee. If you check-in early, you can speak to the airline staff and get seats of your choice if they are available without any additional charge. Plus, if you are traveling with family or friends, the staff will try their best to accommodate your needs.

Be flexible 

Sometimes, you won’t get the seat of your preference or the airline will ask you to pay extra. As long as you are getting an available seat for free without long travel time, we suggest just take it. After all, you can use that money for a cab or even a meal at your destination. Think value for money especially if you travel economy.

Low-cost carriers come with a high hidden fee  

Many low-cost carriers come out with offers and fares that are incredibly low to lure flyers around the country. However, that is far from reality. At the end of the day, these so-called budget airlines charge you for everything. Right from check-in baggage, hand baggage, and even seat fee. Yes, so the next time you get an offer popping up on your web browser or mobile, do check the entire offering before making that booking.

Kids can save the day

A lot of airlines are lenient when it comes to kids traveling with an adult. Most airlines do not charge a fee for an adult sitting with kids below the age of 12. So, all those young parents, this can save the day and your pocket from shelling out an extra fee.

Want to know a better way?

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