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Craving for some quality time with self, away from the fast life, juggling between work, home, and social obligations? Well, we agree that life can get very daunting sometimes and once a while we should step back and reflect on our lives by spending some time alone. If this seems like your next holiday plan, read along to know the most remote vacation spots and how to get there.

Easter Island, Chile

A remote volcanic island in Polynesia, this place will fill your life with all the peace and silence it needs. You will fall in love with the tranquility of the island, that has enormously huge head sculptures – the Moai (about 1000 in number and 21 m tall) donning the landscape with beautiful beaches, inactive volcanoes, and pristine blue skies. Though a part of Chile, this remote island is about 2000 miles away from the main city and about 1300 miles away from the nearest inhabited land.

To reach the Easter Island is fairly complex and expensive. You could either book flight tickets for the LATAM Airlines that flies three/twice a day from Santiago, Chile, or get air plane tickets for the weekly flight from Pape’ete, Tahiti.

Deception Island, Antarctica

One of the safest harbors and the remotest areas in Antarctica, this island is your choice if you want extreme solitude. An active volcano situated thousands of miles away from any habited city, a holiday in Deception Island is like getting lost in paradise. Also, home to a variety of wildlife species including the penguins, the island is an isolated beauty with glorious passages to sail through amidst walls of rocks on both sides. You will fall in love with the surreal, otherworldly landscape of Antarctica, hot springs, and the black-sand beaches that are geothermally heated – care to take a tip and soak in, relax in your seclusion.

Getting to Deception Island will seem like a tedious adventure but it is all worth it. Foremost, you must get air tickets for Buenos Aires, then get flight bookings for Ushuaia, and later take the secure passage to the island in an overnight voyage.

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

Imagine yourself in the middle of a rugged landscape, striking vistas, isolated cabins, dazzling rivers, glorious waterfalls, fresh lakes, hiking and biking trails, and overwhelming caverns. Gives you the Goosebumps, right? Well, a vacation in the Ozark Mountains is nothing short of a sheer bliss. You could go here, if you do not get any cheap flight tickets for other locations or do not want to get your passport renewed.

Getting here is simple and short; you could buy air plane tickets for Arkansas or just take drive to this place.

Alice Springs, Australia

Popularly known as Alice, this beautiful remote town is surrounded by astounding red dirt and fiercely beautiful mountains. It is famous for its art, events, natural wonders, lush hiking trails, red sands, Aboriginal culture, and its seclusion from the city life, the nearest being 16 hour drive away.

Get cheap air flights on CheapFareGuru for Australia, once there you can opt for Qantas or Virgin Australia that have direct flights to Alice Springs; or take a very long drive absolutely at the mercy of the GPS, or choose The Ghan, a train between Adelaide and Darwin that has a stoppage at Alice Springs.

Satisfy your need for peaceful seclusion, make your flight bookings and just take off into the unknown.

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