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For all those who love literature, have you ever thought of the rich Irish literature? Well, if you haven’t, then the time is now to pack your bags and get ready to explore some cities which hold Irish literature dear. Pen downed by Irish essayist, poets, novelists, playwrights, while traveling far and wide, the Irish literature is broadly spread and highly valued in these countries and cities. Bibliophiles, please take note!


Ireland’s capital should be the foremost stop for bibliophiles looking to learn about Irish literature. This city is home to some of the world’s most celebrated Irish authors, including Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats, Oliver Goldsmith, Frank O’Connor, and James Joyce. You can explore historical places such as James Joyce Centre; the Dublin Writers Museum, that celebrates the gamut of the country’s literary heritage; Merrion Square, where Wilde spent his childhood and Yeats lived for several years; the Abbey Theatre; and The National Library of Ireland.

You can also visit some favorite pubs and restaurants of the writers including The Winding Stair, situated on the banks of the River Liffey or Mulligans, which was James Joyce’s favorite pub.


The city of dreams was prime residence for some of the biggest names of Irish literature. The expansive city boasts of a variety of locations that stand proof of the great Irish literature and culture. In 1930s, Samuel Beckett, an Irish novelist and playwright, wrote much of his first novel Murphy in his house in Chelsea. The Great George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, lived in Fitzroy Square; and House of Kensington was briefly home to Joyce. Not to forget the immense sites made famous or infamous by the world-renowned, Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde.

London also is home to the Irish Literary Society that has been promoting Irish literature and culture since 1892. The society was founded by W B Yeats, Douglas Hyde, and other leaders of the Irish Literary Revival.


A small city and seaport in Italy holds a special place in Irish literature and history. This small city was home for the famous Irish novelist and literary critic – James Joyce and his family for more than ten years. Regarded as the most influential authors of the 20th century, it was in this elegant city, where Joyce wrote his modernist, formidable novel Ulysses. You can visit the multiple places that were Joyce’s favorites including the beautiful Caffe San Marco and Pasticceria Caffè Pirona. The city also has a bronze statue of Joyce on the Grand Canal in Via Roma.


This magnificent city is a dream destination for Irish literature lovers. In Paris, you will find the soul of many Irish authors, playwrights, novelist, and poets including Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, John Augustus O’Shea, Yeats, and Behan. Author of the famous Tragicomedy play Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett- lived here for most of his life and wrote this masterpiece. Do drop by Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Père-Lachaise Cemetery and La Closerie des Lilas, which was a frequent spot for Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde.


The largest city in Switzerland, it was here where James Joyce found refuge during both world wars. Zurich provided Joyce with an atmosphere, an urban vibe, and good friends who fuelled his masterpiece Ulysses. You can visit the Fluntern Cemetery where Joyce was buried, next to wife Nora and son Giorgio. Also, stop by Zurich James Joyce Foundation at Augustinerstrasse, a library which contains Joyce’s works in various editions, including several first or illustrated editions and few collectors’ pieces.

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